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Biotechnology is the crossroads where biology and technology meet. This area of applied science utilizes knowledge of cellular and molecular processes to develop solutions that help both people and the environment. Although it is fairly new as a field of study, the principles guiding biotechnology have been used for thousands of years: the simple concept that fruit juice can be fermented into wine, for example, is an application of biotechnology in action. This exciting field is always changing and expanding; whether you are just starting out in the biotechnology world, or are pursuing career advancement, taking some courses in biotechnology can only enhance your options.

Prestigious universities worldwide offer degree programs in biotechnology, both at the graduate and undergraduate level. In a graduate degree program, the biotechnology courses provide experience with quantitative analysis, writing and critical thinking skills, as well as a strong focus on molecular science. Additionally, there are often opportunities for research and internships that accompany these programs.

With the appropriate biotechnology courses and degrees, graduates can pursue jobs as lab assistants, research assistants, chemists, microbiologists, and much more. Whether you are looking to take biotechnology courses in your home country, or are interested in international study, it should be easy to locate an educational institution that meets your needs. Scroll through the options below and find the right biotechnology courses for you!

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