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Biological & Life Sciences

Academic courses can serve many purposes depending on the student’s needs and goals. Well-suited to those who want to learn for personal fulfillment or self-enrichment, courses are a good way to enhance professional qualifications or to bridge gaps in knowledge between degrees.

What is a course in biological and life sciences in Brazil? Such a course will enhance your understanding of living organisms. This vast discipline covers all aspects of life, from the microscopic molecular processes that occur inside a cell to the massive web of interactions that make up an ecosystem. It also includes medicine, dentistry, and other fields that relate to human health. Students of biology and life sciences can choose courses that focus on their particular area of interest.

Courses in biology offer the student an increased ability to think critically about the natural world and may also offer hands-on experience in lab techniques. Taking a course in Brazil comes with the benefit of proximity to the country’s unique natural wonders, most notably the Amazon Rainforest.

Since courses are so varied in their length and content, it is hard to estimate the cost of a biology and life sciences course in Brazil. Be sure to contact the programs that interest you for specific information on price.

Education in biological and life sciences can lead to a wide range of careers. Biologists may specialize in fields as diverse as zoology, genetics, ecology, and botany. As researchers, they may be employed by private companies, government agencies, or academic institutions. Other possible career paths include teaching, science writing, public health, and conservation work. Down the medical path, students may become doctors, dentists, or other healthcare professionals.

There are many reasons you might consider taking a course in biology and life sciences in Brazil. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.

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Courses Dentistry

Universidade Estadual Paulista (UNESP)
Campus Full time March 2018 Brazil São Paulo

Brazilian dentistry is considered one of the most advanced in the world. This group of disciplines will bring together clinical and basic [+]

Best Course Studies in Biological & Life Sciences in Brazil 2017. Brazilian dentistry is considered one of the most advanced in the world. This group of disciplines will bring together clinical and basic science to address the concepts of dental caries and other oral infections and their consequences for understanding the diseases, the biocompatibility and clinical applications of restorative materials and the principles of bone biology. Upon completion of this theme, it is expected that the students will apply the knowledge learned to the solution of a wide range of oral diseases. Courses: - Basic and Clinical Research in Endo-Periodontal Lesions - Bone Biology Applied to Dentistry - Cariology - Clinical Research in Restorative Dentistry - Direct Adhesive Restorations - Integrating New Molecular Insights into Clinical Aspects of Host-microbial in Infectious Oral Diseases Molecular and Cell biology of bone - Pulp Biology and Biomaterials - Science of Adhesion in Restorative Dentistry [-]