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A course is the study of a particular topic within a wider subject area and is the foundation of a qualification. A typical course includes lectures, assessments and tutorials.

Arts studies incorporates a variety of art forms, including film, visual art, music, and theater. Some art programs will focus on one specific area while others will give students an overall education of the arts.

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Fleming College

As a Cultural Heritage Conservation and Management specialist, you will learn a wide range of techniques to save the fragile reminders and markers of the past -- preserve ... [+]

he fundamental role of the conservation professional is to preserve and restore, as appropriate, cultural property for present and future generations. We have a lot to learn from the experiences and events of people who have gone before us. However, we can't learn much from the past if we don't have records of it. Imagine how much history is lost to us when an ancient artifact is destroyed -- by perfectly well-meaning people who want to save it. This is an intensive, fast-paced learning experience that you will undertake in four consecutive semesters. You'll start your classes in September and spend your first three semesters, during the fall, winter and summer, at the college. Following your introduction to the field of conservation, you will gain experience in the care and handling of most common museum materials, including ceramics, glass, stone, metals, wooden objects, leather and proteinaceous materials, textiles, works of art on paper, books, archival materials, photographs and modern materials. Updated curriculum reflects best practices routed in ethical applications. Once you've learned the theory and practical skills, you'll treat museum artifacts from local, regional, and national sites. Complementary courses, workshops, assignments, and community-based projects will offer off-campus opportunities to practice conservation methods. A full-time, unpaid, curriculum-based internship in your final semester (September to December) provides an invaluable learning and work experience.... [-]

Canada Peterborough Lindsay Minden Cobourg  + 1 More
September 2019
4 semesters
Columbia College Chicago Online

Explore the diverse landscape of the nonprofit industry to prepare for a variety of careers within this growing space. Although it important to understand public and priv ... [+]


Explore the diverse landscape of the nonprofit industry to prepare for a variety of careers within this growing space. Although it important to understand public and private business practices while working in the nonprofit sector, it is also key to be skilled in the areas of fundraising, grant writing, board governance, volunteer management and regulatory impacts. As a passionate, service-oriented individual, you will develop the fundamentals necessary to be successful at any nonprofit organization.

Develop key skills to take your career in nonprofit management to new heights. Collaborate with other creatives on strategic ways to fundraise in today’s economy. Learn the fundamentals of nonprofit management in arts and cultural organizations directly from experienced professionals working in the field. ... [-]
USA USA Online
June 2019
8 weeks