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Applied Linguistics

Students interested in developing knowledge in a specific subject area may want to explore a variety of courses. Available in a number of topics, a course can help bridge a gap in schooling or help current workers further their careers.

Students may be wondering what are courses in applied linguistics? These programs may be of interest to students who want to analyze language at a cultural level. In general, applied linguistics is the study of how language is taught, learned, impacted, developed, or used among individuals and cultural groups. The focus of a course can vary, but some common topics may include foundations of language acquisition, methodology for foreign language education, language and gender, linguistics of interpreting and translation, sign language, and neurolinguistics. 

One of the benefits students who take an applied linguistics course gain is excellent communication skills, which are necessary when looking for a job. Other skills developed include critical thinking and problem solving abilities, which can be advantageous in all areas of life.

The tuition involved with an applied linguistics course can differ greatly from one institution to another. The location and duration of the program are two big factors to consider. Students are encouraged to research multiple programs before deciding which course to take.

The skills students gain may qualify them for a number of different career positions. Many careers in applied linguistics involve teaching or research, and an advanced degree is typically required. Some potential job titles may include ESL teacher, professor, foreign language interpreter, linguistic researcher, adult literacy teacher, writer, postsecondary foreign language teacher, translator, and sign language interpreter. Common employers include government agencies and educational institutions.

A course in applied linguistics is available at local schools and international locations. Begin now and search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.


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