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Many reputable international universities and other educational institutions offer the opportunity for greater personal development via law courses. These courses discuss current issues and trends involved in such fields as intellectual property and regulatory theory.

If you have an interest in art and technology consider a masters program in animation. With a degree in animation, you will learn how to use the latest software to design and bring to life characters, scenery and much more!

Italy, officially the Italian Republic, is a unitary parliamentary republic within the European Union, located in Southern Europe. To the north, it borders France, Switzerland, Austria, and Slovenia along the Alps.

For all those who are interested in studying Fashion and latest trends Milan is the best place to go. It has all the good training institutions which provide good quality education at a reasonable cost. University of Milan and Polytechnic University of Milan are some of the well-known universities.

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Advanced Training Course In Motion Design And Branding Videos

IED – Istituto Europeo di Design Milan
Campus Full time 7 months February 2017 Italy Milan

The Motion Design is the branch of design (brand and product) applied to the film and TV production, specializing in setting in motion graphics, with the ability to create effects, distortions, translation, create the 3D illusion in real or fantastic spaces , manage music and sound effects. The ability to fuse images taken with moving elements and mounted or live, requires directing skills, graphic design, sound design, editing. The objective of the Advanced Training Course in Motion Design and Video Branding is to train professionals able to manage the appropriate technologies, but above all to make their language, the production process, organizational structure inherent in such activities, in order to enter professionally in the areas where the application of motion graphics is wider and promising. [+]

Course Studies in Animation in Milan in Italy. THIS PROGRAM 'TAUGHT IN ITALIAN Who should attend: The Advanced Training Course in Motion Design and Video Branding responds to a form of retraining leading different sectors operators to develop new and profitable skills in a growing market. It is the right specialization for graphics designer, Directors, Documentary Filmmakers, shooting Operators, Sound designers and for those who want to specialize, completing their training. Entry requirements: First and second level degrees; Professional experience in the field. addresses of specialization: The Motion Graphic Designer combines directing skills, graphic design, sound design and editing. Majoring in Motion design and video branding, especially that based video request from the television market (satellite, DTT, TV themes) but also increasingly sought from the web, allows him to deal with other requests from 'multimedia productions', with video clips, videos for trade shows, showrooms, conventions, concerts, corporate videos, infographics animations. Methodology and structure: The curriculum includes three dedicated areas: methodological (motion graphics, applications and functions) Professional (testimonies of the sector agencies on the relationship with customers, the production process, the market) technology (workshops designed to develop a set of necessary programs to maintain the image in motion, starting from After Effect). The teaching in the field of Motion Design and Video Branding offers students the opportunity to learn about the organizational principles of video production related to the design, the professionals, the creative and operational contexts, the inclusion of motion graphics in communication campaigns. In a second step we study the filmic experiments of the historical avant-garde to motion graphics film, the animated television all'infografica branding, from design animated web applications. In the module dedicated to motion graphics trends & features addressing the history of the trends and changes in visual aesthetics, in relation to the evolution of hardware and software tools. Students learn the fundamentals of TV promotion (editing and motion design to tell the content and capture your target audience using all the tools of advertising and branding) and Motion Design & Interactive Media (the graphic interaction systems TV product through cross-platform systems). The course then addresses the applications in space (Exhibit commercial and trade fair, the store, the conventions, the videomapping and integrated video projection) animation and infographics (animation for the video and the web, use of animated infographics) and Branding off tv (institutional videos, product, film, advertising). Ied + Adobe Autodesk // // Microsoft. Thanks to the agreement with the major software house, all students of the course are exclusively and completely free access to the Web Design & Collection package, to Autodesk and Microsoft software. All programs can be used both by IED laboratories both from your personal computer. [-]

Advanced Training Course In Gamification And Engagement Design

IED – Istituto Europeo di Design Milan
Campus Full time 8 months January 2018 Italy Milan

Educational goals: Video games are the primary form of entertainment, spent on various platforms: consoles, tablets, smartphones, social networks, online, smart TV. Represent extraordinary tools to motivate individuals and induce behavior and moods. The game design techniques have benefited in recent years research in psychology, neuro marketing and behavioral sciences, creating a powerful frame work, Gamification, used in the productive sectors of the marketing, health and communication, loyalty, retail and human resources. The Advanced Training Course in Gamification and Engagement Gamification Design wants to offer the designer an operational frame work to create experiences really ingaggianti, functional to different types of targets and business objectives. [+]

THIS PROGRAM 'TAUGHT IN ITALIAN Who should attend: The Advanced Training Course in Gamification and Engagement Design aims to explore aspects of gamification as a business practice. The ideal participant comes from the world of marketers, web designers, user experience / interface designers, CEOs, product managers, but also non-profit organizations, NGOs, public bodies. The course is also suitable for startupper and aspiring, providing the keys to give a boost to its super idea from design. They require no preliminary details. addresses of specialization: The Gamification designer is able to rethink and transform, with the engagement, the experiences of individuals and customers in various fields: marketing, health, communication, loyalty, retail and human resources. Figure very much in demand by the market professional, it is able to manage the entire life cycle of a game or project, from strategy to concept, through coordination in development through to post launch management both in start-up area is corporation. Methodology and Structure: The course offers a specialization course focused on the growing market of Gamification, industry officially founded in 2010 but already is estimated to reach $ 5.5 billion in 2018. The training program, integrating methodological, technical and design, provides students with the foundation for a comprehensive professional approach. 13 modules are provided as part of which will be rotated some of the professionals of the most prominent gaming in Italy and internationally. At the end of the course there is a project work. It starts from the History of Gamification: concept, economy, fields of application, objectives and purposes of an gamificata strategy. They analyze the tools and techniques of Game Design for designing a game. Participants enter into the logic of the gaming market, studying the players target and its billion-dollar business, the different gaming platforms (console, tablet, smartphone, social networking, online, smart tv) and the economic and distribution models. They will learn the benefits of a gamificata strategy (engagement, loyalty, increase revenue) how to solve fun and make the user experience and improve internal processes of a company. Motivations and desires of users / beneficiaries players of a specific business are related with the gaming techniques to encourage them. They deepen the principles of neuromarketing studying Visual Connexion, or how the brain perceives reality, the opponents processes, motivational systems, Bias of certainty and emotional Virus, persuasions. An in-depth focus is dedicated to technical, mechanical and dynamic that the game designer uses to create super engagement: levels, badges, points, collaboration, competition, appointment dynamic, onboarding. Complete the course, the reverse engineering of the houses world's most interesting history, broken down by product sector. The last module dedicated to the physical design of Gamification has addressed the issue of the analysis of the market platforms by building a design prototype. Ied + Adobe Autodesk // // Microsoft. Thanks to the agreement with the major software house, all students of the course are exclusively and completely free access to the Web Design & Collection package, to Autodesk and Microsoft software. All programs can be used both by IED laboratories both from your personal computer. [-]