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Air Traffic Control

A course is the study of a particular topic within a wider subject area and is the foundation of a qualification. A typical course includes lectures, assessments and tutorials.

Preparation for a career in air traffic control begins with completing a college program. These programs should teach students about flight safety, aviation foundations and tower operations while also preparing them for the demands of the career through classes such as communications.

Estonia is among other things known for its forests (they make up almost half of the territory) and for being the only country in Europe with almost total 4G network coverage. Estonia provides high-level and internationally recognized education, and many universities in the country offer degree programs in English.

Top Courses in Air Traffic Control in Estonia 2017

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Air Traffic Services

Estonian Aviation Academy
Campus Full time 4 years August 2017 Estonia √úlenurme

The course for aviation engineers lasts for four years and the volume of studies is 240 ECTS credits. The study process falls into three phases: [+]

Best Courses in Air Traffic Control in Estonia 2017. In the speciality of Air Traffic Services it is possible to specialize to become an Air Traffic Control Officer (ATCO) whose task is to ensure regular and smooth air traffic in the air space of the country. Air Traffic Control Officers are responsible for arranging safe and efficient air traffic. They manage en-route traffic, help pilots pass other aircraft, find a safe route through the fog or stormy weather and, finally, land safely at the aerodrome. Depending on their rating ATCOs work in different air traffic control units. The studies of the speciality of Air Traffic Services are organised by the Academy Air Traffic Service Training Department. All of the members of our teaching staff have experience in real air traffic control. Our basic aim is to support and develop motivated students in acquiring the profession of an Air Traffic Control Officer. The standard period of study is four years. In the study process the standards of Estonian professional higher education and those of international aviation are followed. The acquiring of the specific procedures and working methods of air traffic control as well as the skills in radio communication takes place in specially equipped laboratories, i.e. in computer-based simulators. In two recent years the practice has taken place in air traffic control units of air traffic service providers. The already practising Air Traffic Control Officers return to the Academy now and then to take the required refresher or continuing education courses.... [-]