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How we grow our food—and where it comes from—has become the focus of much attention in the 21st century. Courses in agronomy offer a segue to this very important field of study.

Exactly what is a course in agronomy? Courses in agronomy address the research and development related to studying plant-based crops. Typical courses in agronomy include topics such as crop and seed identification; crop growth, production, and management; and crop genetics. Crop or agricultural sustainability is also an increasingly popular course offering of this topic, as is the study of global crop or agricultural issues.  

There are myriad benefits of taking a course in agronomy, the least of which is a greater awareness of how food is sourced. Higher-level agronomy courses offer specialized training in specific agricultural functions that can be put to practical use right off the bat.

Costs associated with agronomy courses are on par with most other fields of study. An added consideration when it comes to costs is potential field studies or laboratory materials required as part of a course.

Students who take courses in agronomy benefit from an enhanced awareness of local and global food economies. Those that take advanced courses or end up getting a degree in agronomy go on to be farmers, consultants, or engineers; they may also work for nonprofit development organizations. Students also use agronomy courses to augment other specialized degrees, such as those in agricultural economics, agricultural engineering, and natural resources management.

There are numerous courses in agronomy offered by institutions around the world. Many institutions also offer online courses or remote learning options, which may be a great option for working professionals or for those that live some distance from the actual classroom. Internet-based options have become increasingly popular because of their flexibility and convenience. To get started with an agronomy course, search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.

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