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Courses offer students the opportunity to increase their knowledge of a specialized area of study. A course usually includes both tutorials and testing and may require as little as a few months to as many as a few years to complete. Depending on the academic institution, students may take courses on-site or online.

What are courses in aerospace engineering? Aerospace engineering concerns the technology, research, design, manufacturing and testing of aircraft. Courses in this subject often provide students with fundamental knowledge of physics and advanced mathematics. Depending on the specific course, participants may learn about aerodynamics, computer engineering programs, calculus, structural design, flight system analysis and engines.

There are many benefits of participating in courses such as these. Skills in math and science may assist learners in their endeavors to find professions or further their training in aerospace engineering. Other skills, such as critical-thinking and problem-solving, can assist participants no matter what professional field they enter.

The prices for aerospace engineering courses fluctuate from one country to the next. The academic institution, program duration and specific focus all help determine total costs. Students should contact schools directly and inquire about tuition prices to gain realistic expectations of expenses.

After taking courses in aerospace engineering and earning further academic training, graduates often become aerospace engineers to help design and create such mechanisms as aircraft, satellites or spacecraft. Some work for a country’s government to develop, evaluate and improve national defense or space exploration systems. Other potential careers include operations technician, production manager, quality analyst and automotive engineer.

Those who wish to pursue these kinds of courses may find options in institutions all across the globe. Some courses may be available online as well. To find a suitable option for your qualifications and goals, search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.

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3 Results in Aerospace Engineering

TU Delft Open & Online Education

Learn how to apply cutting-edge knowledge of aeroacoustics in a simple and effective way. After taking this course you will be able to reliably measure noise in a variety ... [+]

Learn how to apply cutting-edge knowledge of aeroacoustics in a simple and effective way. After taking this course you will be able to reliably measure noise in a variety of mechanical systems and develop noise reduction strategies to improve their aerodynamic design and performance.

Over the last few years, the field of aeroacoustics has developed rapidly in finding solutions for reducing noise from aircraft, engines, ventilation systems and wind turbines. However, finding the right balance between achieving maximum performance (of mechanical systems such as airplanes, cars, drones, etc.) and lowering their noise output to comply with noise regulations, and ensure people's comfort and health, is a complicated task.... [-]

Netherlands Netherlands Online
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5 weeks
École nationale d’aérotechnique

This program will teach you how to design and manufacture aircraft parts using a computer (CAD-CAM); plan the manufacturing and assembly stages of aircraft, engines and o ... [+]

prerequisitesMath Technico-Sciences or Natural Sciences of the 5th sec. or the equivalentPhysics of the 5th sec. or the equivalentYou will learnDesign and manufacture, using a computer (CAD-CAM), aircraft parts.Plan the manufacturing and assembly stages for aircraft, engines and other components.Shaping aircraft structural elements into composite materials and sheet metal parts.Collaborate on production process planning, quality control and testing.Draw up notebooks.Your abilitiesAnalytical mindSense of planningSense of responsibilityManual dexterityUnderstanding abstract conceptsBilingualism (an asset)Your interestsNew technologiesDesign and manufacturingProblems solvingConcrete tasksStructured environmentYou can access careersMethod Officer (develops procedures for manufacturing components or assembling aircraft)Inspector and quality controllerDesigner designer of computer components, structures, systems or toolingTechnical WriterAeronautical and Aerospace Engineering TechnicianTechnician in composite materialsProgrammer of numerically controlled (CNC) machines... [-]
Canada Saint-Hubert
August 2020
3 years

The ISAE Group Space Summer Program is organized by the four institutes of higher education: Ecole de l’Air, ESTACA, ISAE-ENSMA, ISAE-Supaero. The Space Summer Program is ... [+]

The ISAE Group is proud to present to you its Space Summer Program organized by the four institutes of high education: Ecole de L’Air, ESTACA, ISAE-ENSMA, ISAE-Supaero.

The Space Summer Program is intended for undergraduate students primarily for the ISAE Group partner universities. It will provide the students with an overall knowledge of aeronautics and space fundamentals, as viewed from a European point of view.

The contents include scientific and technical courses but also general conferences and visits to the aerospace and cultural sites.

The program is designed for junior or senior undergraduates with a strong interest in space having solid background knowledge in aeronautics and/or space sciences. A good background in general sciences is required. Graduate students can also take part in the course on a case-by-case basis.... [-]

France Paris
June 2020
4 weeks