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A course is the study of a particular topic within a wider subject area and is the foundation of a qualification. A typical course includes lectures, assessments and tutorials.

There are many different fields that make up the broader field of accounting. These include financial accounting, auditing, tax accounting, and management accounting. Financial accounting, for example, is primarily focused on the reporting and measuring of a company’s financial information, which often includes preparation of financial statements.

Canadians place great importance on learning, and have developed a first-rate education system with high standards. Not only does Canada provide a safe, clean environment, but it has been consistently ranked as one of the world’s best places to live in terms of quality of life by the UN.

With various degree-awarding institutions, Montreal is among the cities in North America, which has the utmost concentration of higher learning centres. Some of the prominent people in the country passed through the city-based institutions for their diplomas and degree certificates.

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Accounting Program

Montreal Technical College (MTC)
Campus Full time September 2018 Canada Montreal

This course offers a realistic vision of the accountant trade. It presents the various tasks in accounting and provides information on the program as a whole. [+]

Objective of program

To develop the following competencies necessary to practice the employment:

research and exchange of information produce tables and graphs design the visual format of a document related to accounting handle requests regarding labour laws organize and process data related to a company’s resources insure efficiency of work.

Develop the following competencies necessary to communicate, verbally or in writing, in the work place:

write correspondence related to accounting in both English and French interact in various professional situations communicate in English in an Accounting context.

To develop the skills necessary to complete accounting tasks:... [-]