Course on Italian Pastry


Program Description

Course on Italian Pastry

Three weeks of theoretical and practical lessons and the opportunity to train as Professional of Italian Pastry.

ICIF has created the Course on Italian Pastry in collaboration with the Italian Pastry, Ice Cream and Chocolate Federation.

The program of the Course offers demonstration lessons held by professional Pastry Chefs, Master Ice Cream Makers and Master Chocolatier, instructed by the Italian Pastry Federation. The topics of the Course focus on all the preparations of Italian pastry and of confectionery Italian art, from the basic dough, to the Italian style creams, to small pastries, with insights on regional traditional sweets and modern creative desserts, cake design and manual chocolate tempering methods, decorations with chocolate and ice cream lessons. The training is complemented by educational visits to companies of the confectionery sector. The Course is in Italian language and teachers are supported by an interpreter in the English language.

Minimum numbers of participants: 12.


The Course has a total duration of 3 weeks of theoretic-practical lessons at the Institute.

This Course does not include practical training at outside facilities.

They can enroll to the Course

  • Italian and foreign food and wine professionals
  • Italian and foreign gourmet amateurs and enthusiasts.

Program of the Course



  • Bakery products for breakfast:
  • Croissant
  • Chocolate braid
  • Eight shaped brioche with cream
  • Chocolate Girella


Bakery products for breakfast:

  • Venetian brioche with cream
  • Plum cake
  • Pancake
  • Cupcake



  • Classic Sponge (light whipped / medium whipped / heavy whipped)
  • Sponge (Chocolate, Almond)
  • Margherita dough (with addition of eggs and butter)



  • Meringues preparations (Almonds)
  • Roulò (Pistachio, Almonds)
  • Sacher
  • Biscuit


Sweet shortcrust pastry:

  • Classic sweet shortcrust pastry
  • Whipped shortcrust pastry (Chocolate, Hazelnut)
  • Hazelnut shortcrust pastry (for tartlets)



Sweet shortcrust pastry:

  • Sublè sweet shortcrust pastry (for biscuits and tarts)
  • Milan sweet shortcrust pastry (for jam tarts and creams)
  • Hard yolks sweet shortcrust pastry


Puff Pastry:

  • Puff Pastry (Poor in butter / Medium in quantity of butter/ Rich in butter)
  • Cannoli (cream, sabayon)
  • Apple roses
  • Apple Strudel


Pastry Cream, Bignè and Meringues:

  • Bignè (Heavy Mass / Medium mass / Light mass)
  • Pastry Cream (Chocolate, Pistachio, Chantilly)
  • Royal Cream, Butter Cream
  • English Cream
  • Meringues (classical, Italian style)


Bavarians and mousses:

  • Bavarian with creams
  • Bavarian with fruit
  • Chocolate Mousse
  • Strawberries Mousse
  • Coffee Mousse


Semifreddos and Ganache:

  • Cream Parfait
  • Fruit Parfait
  • Water Ganache
  • Whipped Ganache
  • Ganache for coverage



Chocolaterie – Production techniques and decoration with Chocolate:

  • Tempering of Chocolate
  • Cone Decoration
  • Praline (white chocolate, hazelnut, pistachio)


Cake Design – Decoration Techniques:

  • Coverage in Sugar Pasta
  • Modeling Techniques with Sugar Pasta (animal subjects, cartoons, ceremonies)
  • Art Flower Technique with Sugar Pasta (Flower Building, color shading)


Decoration Techniques:

  • Icing (recipe, cone decoration)
  • Airbrush

Artistic Sugar – Isomalt:

  • Description of Artistic Sugar
  • Processing Techniques (poured, stretched, blown),
  • Basic Equipment


Ice cream:

  • Cream-based ice cream
  • Fruit-based ice cream
  • Sorbets
  • Ice-cream goblet and plated ice cream desserts
  • Ice cream cakes
  • Affogati
  • Granite


  • FINAL EXAM e Consegna and Presentation of the CERTIFICATES of PARTICIPATION and DIPLOMAS


  • External visit organized by the Institute to a Chocolate Laboratory and tastings
  • External visit organized by the Institute to the “Albertengo Panettoni” Company

Fees of the Course

The fee for the Course on Italian Pastry is of 4.000,00 Euro. It is possible to enroll also for a 1 week period, the fee for the module of the first and of the second week is of 1.300,00 Euro for 5 days of lessons per week, whereas for the module of the third week the fee is of 1.400,00 Euro for 6 days of lessons. The fee for the Course includes:

  • Accommodation at the ICIF Guest-House in a small apartment (composed of two bedrooms with one, two or three beds and a bathroom) and breakfast service for 3 weeks
  • Meals at the Institute from Monday to Saturday (the School is closed on Sundays and on national holidays) for 3 weeks
  • Theoretical-practical lessons as indicated in the program
  • Teaching materials (recipe booklets, audio-video systems, etc.)
  • Food and wine products for the lessons
  • Use of the equipment and utensils during lessons in the different laboratories
  • A complete Chef’s uniform: a Chef’s jacket with the ICIF logo, a pair of Chef’s pants and an apron with the ICIF logo
  • Assistance before the starting of the Course for the request and issuing of the Visa for Study, if necessary
  • Certificate of Participation from the ICIF Institute on completion of the Course and official Diploma awarded by the Italian Pastry Federation.

Anything else not expressly specified above is not included.


  • 50 € for the health insurance that covers the basic medical expenses and the expenses or the recover to the Hospital only for accidents during the job time for the whole period of the course (only if the student does not stipulate already a Sanitary Insurance in his proper country).
  • 50 € for those who intend to take advantage of the group bus transfer, only upon arrival in Italy, organized by the ICIF Institute on the Sunday before the beginning of the course, from Milan Malpensa airport. The payment of the 50 euro can be done in the balance of the course by bank transfer, or in cash or by credit card at the office of ICIF Direction on the first day of the course.
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The purpose of ICIF, the Institute of Food and Wine of the Regions of Italy, is to classify, protect and promote the image of Italian cuisine, the excellence of local produce and regional food and wine culture, by promulgating knowledge amongst professionals around the world. Read less
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