In general, we think of the costume department as a technical one, linked more to the sartorial than to the authorial aspect. Instead, it is one of the most important artistic departments, because a good costume is often what gives shape to the character. Good costume designers must know how to read and analyze a script and use their art to dress the protagonists of the story of a personality, thus helping the actor to better embody the character. And we are not just speaking of historical costumes, those that most affect the attention of the general audience, but also the modern and urban ones, which are often not noticed but that give the characters their own identity.

Course characteristics

This is a two-year course with compulsory attendance, five days a week, from three to four hours per day, for a total of about 500 hours a year, and consists of three types of lesson: interdisciplinary subjects, institutional subjects, and interdisciplinary labs. The course is compulsory and students are required to work during the two-year period from Monday to Friday in one or two daily shifts and on some weekends for each two-month period, starting from the theoretical study of the concepts to get to the practice on RFA sets and on external sets during educational productions.

Course objectives and contents

The look and the costume make an actor credible within a scene of a movie even against the performance and the script. In the two-year period, in addition to learning how to package and assemble a look, you will refine your manual skills through the main tailoring and decoration techniques. At the same time, the study of cinematographic language and the history of costume evolution provides a tool for learning to construct the mood of the character based on the script. Reading, counting, developing the needs and managing the budget of a script are the exercises that are faced during the educational productions, giving the possibility to do a lot of practice and to learn the interaction with the makeup department, the actors, and the rest of the crew. The digital modules of design, graphics, and techniques such as aging and decoration, complete the two-year course, making the course the most specific and practical one in reference to the cinema.

Job opportunities

The course trains students in the following roles: costume designer, assistant costume designer, set tailor, costume supervisor, and stylist.

Cost and duration

The course fee is EUR 6,500.00 per year. In the first year, there is a registration fee ranging from EUR 200.00 to EUR 500.00 depending on the period in which student enrolls. These costs do not vary if the student comes from a country in the European Union or not. The course lasts two years.

Program taught in:
  • Italian

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Last updated July 23, 2019
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