When we talk about great cinema, the first thing that comes to mind is the authorial cinema, the one in which the director is often also the author of the product. In the television world, on the other hand, often the reference point, especially for the series, is the screenwriter. In both cases, the director and screenwriter are two key roles in audio-visual production, roles that are both creative and technical at the same time. These professional careers, therefore, require creativity on the one hand, but also great discipline and maturity in knowing how to concretize one's own ideas in the face of practical and economic needs.

Course characteristics

This is a two-year course with compulsory attendance, five days a week, from three to four hours per day, for a total of about 500 hours a year, and consists of three types of lesson: interdisciplinary subjects, institutional subjects, and interdisciplinary labs. The course is compulsory and students are required to work during the two-year period from Monday to Friday in one or two daily shifts and on some weekends for each two-month period, starting from the theoretical study of the concepts to get to the practice on RFA sets and on external sets during educational productions.

Course objectives and contents

Creating and directing a project is a difficult undertaking but one that offers great expressive satisfactions. The course is based on the understanding of the film structure, passing from the ideation of the script and from the script to the visual realization of the scenes. The study of the shots, the look of the project, the direction of the actors, and the packaging of the product, are the points on which the biennium is set. The course structure starts with the study of film units up to the narration by genres in the second year. During the two-year period, the productive, organizational, budget and technical aspects are tackled and the writing for the main cinematographic languages is studied in depth, with particular attention to short films and low budget products. The merger of the authorial aspects of writing and technical direction makes the course much more specific and offers complete training that characterizes our graduate students.

Job opportunities

The course trains students in the following roles: director, first and second assistant director, script supervisor, casting director, screenwriter, script reader, and script analyzer and editor.

Cost and duration

The course fee is EUR 6,500.00 per year. In the first year, there is a registration fee ranging from EUR 200.00 to EUR 500.00 depending on the period in which student enrolls. These costs do not vary if the student comes from a country in the European Union or not. The course lasts two years.

Program taught in:
  • Italian

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Last updated July 29, 2019
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