Course of Design of Commercial Spaces and Restoration


Program Description

Who has it addressed?

Aimed at all kinds of people initiated or not in the fields of construction, architecture or reforms that are interested in deepening in the field of store and restaurant design, and in addition, of any public space.

Especially focused on expansion directors of chain stores or franchises, architects, surveyors, engineers or draftsmen, or anyone with concerns in the field of commercial space design and visual merchandising.

If you want to learn to design commercial interiors, shops and restaurants, without leaving anything on the road, this is your Course. From the zoning of the space to the placement of the product, through the corporate image and lighting, we will cover the essence of commercial design, placing great emphasis on project subjects.

We will teach you to deal with the interior design of leisure and dining venues, commercial spaces and the custom design of all kinds of furniture. We will rely on the knowledge of materials, lighting and regulations, as well as the most modern and fastest project representation techniques

We will focus on the achievement of ideas, their representation and presentation to the client, providing the tools to achieve interiors full of harmony and design.

This Shop and Restaurant Design Course, face-to-face and taught in Madrid, addresses all aspects of space design based on the most versatile tool on the market, SketchUp Pro.


Course Details

Course divided into 2 training blocks, 6 weeks each. Total number of teaching hours: 297 hours.

  • Block 1: 6 weeks. Design of Commercial Spaces and Restoration: 129 hours of class, 24 hours of tutorials, 18 hours of cultural visits. Total: 171 hours.
  • Block 2: 14 weeks. Final Master Project, semi-face-to-face. Up to 28 hours of extra classes, 56 hours of tutorials, 42 hours of cultural visits. Total: 126 hours.

Start and end dates

  • Calls in October, February and May .
  • In the morning, from 10.00 a.m. to 2.20 p.m., Monday through Friday.
  • Open Classroom, Thursday afternoon.
  • Variable completion date, subject to the correct presentation of the exercises by the student, with a maximum of 12 months from the beginning of the course.
  • Registration period: Until completing places.
  • Classes will be taught in Madrid Centro, at the facilities of Insenia Design School Madrid , c / Marqués de Cubas 6 (Metro Bank of Spain).
  • The number of teaching hours of each classroom block is calculated taking into account classes, tutoring in Open Classroom and cultural visits accompanied by a teacher, so they may vary, without prior notice, upwards.


  • Total Amount, Tuition included: € 1,800
  • Payment must be made before the start of the course. *

* (The training is exempt from VAT according to article 20 of the VAT law).

Way to pay

  • Bank transfer or bank card.
  • Possibility of financing with a collaborating bank.


Reservation of place and right of withdrawal

  • To make the reservation of your place, the student must pay € 300 . The student will have the right to withdraw as long as he or she notifies the center at least 20 days before the beginning of the contracted course. In this case, the full amounts anticipated by this will be returned through the same form of payment.
  • Insenia reserves the right to cancel the celebration of any course or master if there is not a minimum number of 6 students enrolled. In that case, the center will pre-notify with a minimum of 15 days and will return the anticipated amounts in full.

Access requirements and necessary material

  • Laptop.
  • Basic office skills.
  • Title or Diploma accrediting previous studies (if any).
  • Personal interview.


  • 5% discount for prepayment.
  • 10% discount for people with disabilities compatible with the course (consult).
  • Discounts not cumulative.


  • Own Degree:
    Intensive Course of Design of Stores and Restaurants
  • Certificate of attendance granted by Insenia Design School Madrid (Ceroespacio Imadde SCP) .



  • Project Development Department
    • Custom Furniture Design Projects
    • Commercial projects and Visual Merchandising
    • Restoration Projects
    • Technical Projects
    • Interior Design Project Management
  • Department of Construction Technology
  • Introduction to Materials
  • Introduction to Construction
  • Materials for Commercial Spaces
  • Commercial Construction Techniques
  • Introduction to lighting
  • Commercial Technical Lighting
  • Department of Infoarchitecture and Digital Technologies
  • Creation of 3D Perspectives with Scketchup Pro
  • Department of Representation and Graphic Expression
  • Technical Drawing and Volume

End of course project

The End of Course Project consists of designing a commercial space of 140m2.

Based on an authentic current status measurement and a real needs program provided by the School, the student will resolve the zoning, circulation and distribution of the entire space, in addition to the design of each of the rooms, including their coverings, furnishing , lighting, decoration and design of custom elements.

The software learned in the design of the spaces will be used, from the current state floor to the 3D perspectives. Use of Layout for the final assembly of the project.

The student will have a minimum of 14 weeks and up to one year from the start date of his Master's degree for the drafting of the interior design project, and will be supported at all times by his tutors by the routes he chooses, whether telematic or face-to-face.

During the drafting of the End of Course Project, the student will be able to attend individual or group tutorials essential for the correct monitoring and correction of his project.

You will also have unlimited access to Insenia 3.0, our online platform.

In addition, you can attend each and every one of the cultural visits and commercial presentations that take place in the School.


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About the School

Los fundadores del INSENIA han sido desde el principio de sus carreras profesionales, Diseñadores y Profesores de Diseño, de forma simultánea e inseparable.

Los fundadores del INSENIA han sido desde el principio de sus carreras profesionales, Diseñadores y Profesores de Diseño, de forma simultánea e inseparable. Read less
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