This is a program for professionals and students with a diploma or experience in the field of gastronomy. The program will last 4 weeks, which can also be attended separately, with practical and demonstrative teaching. We will present you with an elite team of Italian chefs, both innovative and at the top of their field, and an unforgettable experience in Italy.

Our Course Strengths

  • Master Professors certified by CAST Alimenti
  • Individual multiuse workstations
  • Multipurpose training laboratories with the most advanced equipment
  • Language assistance during the course
  • Authentic Italian ingredients to learn real Italian cuisine
  • All inclusive: meals, coffee breaks and accommodation throughout the course
  • Didactic field trips to discover Italian landscape and products


4 weeks, which can also be attended separately

The Course is Addressed to

Professionals in culinary and/or pastry arts; Employees in the food industry and Culinary Arts students.

This course is born from the desire to offer our international professionals and students an opportunity to stay up to date with Italian Cuisine in the current culinary platform, but also to understand the culture and territory at its heart with a complete Real Italy Experience.

Eligibility to Join CAST Alimenti Programme in Italy

  • Must have good communication skills in the English language;
  • Must be at least 18 years of age;
  • Must be highly motivated to start a career in the food & beverage industry;
  • Eager to learn another foreign language and lifestyle.


  • Master Professors certified by CAST Alimenti, all actual expert in their field;
  • During lessons, chef instructors will illustrate product features in details, representing different preparations as well;
  • Professors will then organize students’ set up for their own practical performance.

Course Focus

  • Tradition and innovation in Italian pastry/pasta/gelato/artisan bread and hearth baking;
  • Preparation techniques and technologies;
  • The history of Italian culinary tradition;
  • Raw materials: typical ingredients and regional varieties.

The Contents

Notions and history of the Italian Cuisine and Pastry, and their typical and regional traditions.

Week 1

  • Base Preparations for Italian Patisserie;
  • Base Creams and fillings;
  • The technique and flavor profiling of making unique modern tortes;
  • Modern Italian pastry and restaurant desserts with an innovative interpretation. Preparation of sweets and traditional small pastries;
  • All cakes will be proposed by comparing the traditional version of the recipe with the creative reinterpretation of the Chef, to make the cake or dessert even tastier and nicer aesthetically.


Week 2

  • What is the gelato and its history;
  • The organization of the lab, gelato core technology, and production systems;
  • Elements and raw ingredients for Italian gelato;
  • Gelato production techniques;
  • Introduction to spectacular creativity with the assembly of various semifreddi and Gelato tortes.


Week 3

  • Processing techniques for different types of Pasta, such as egg pasta, fresh and filled pasta, gluten-free pasta;
  • Understanding of some of the most typical Italian products, such as EVO oils, cheeses, vegetables, and sensory analysis and comparison of different varieties;
  • Innovative cooking methods (i.e. vacuum and low temperature), and key methods for proper food storing;
  • Techniques and sensory criteria for the correct combination of ingredients: contrasts and balance, texture, use of herbs and spices, the construction of a balanced recipe according to the sensorial, nutritional and healthy criteria;
  • Italian style for food design.


Week 4

  • Pizza and Italian bread: history, knowledge, and assessment of key ingredients according to the Italian tradition. Processing, leavening, maturation, topping, and baking techniques;
  • Knowledge and comparison of the different types of flour;
  • Analysis of different types of yeast and levitating methods (biga, poolish and mother’s yeast);
  • Creation of base recipes for some of Italy’s most known bread;
  • Creating unique flavors with the addition of herbs, sundried tomatoes, olives, pureed vegetables, saffron, nuts, and grains.


Why Choose CAST Alimenti

  • Our history: as we have more than 20 years experience
  • For our great chef instructors
  • As we are the School of World Champions, we only teach the excellence
  • As we are leaders in tradition and innovation
  • As we partner with international culinary colleges, like Culinary Institute of America (New York, United States), Monroe College (New York, United States), Fanshawe College (London, Canada), Johnson & Wales University (Providence Campus), International Centre for Culinary Arts - ICCA Dubai, AIMS Institutes (Bangalore, India), just to name few.
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July 2019
4 weeks
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June 30, 2019
Application deadline is within one month of the start date.
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June 30, 2019
Application deadline is within one month of the start date.
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