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Program Description

Today, enormous amounts of waste exist in office and service operations. Delays, bottlenecks, errors, redundancy, work-arounds, and ambiguity abounds. Non value added work can be as high as 95 percent.

Manufacturing organizations have had great success in applying Lean techniques and trimming time and money. However there are significant challenges and differences in an office operation versus a manufacturing setting. You need a tailored approach to improving office/service operations—but there are Lean tools that you can apply.

Through simulation, cases, and by working on your own processes, you will learn and practice Lean tools to dramatically improve quality and service, while shrinking time and cost. Look at work flow, information flow and job design—not with an eye to eliminating people—but maximizing their effort. You will know which tool to use based on the goal of the effort and problems you face.

You will leave with the skills necessary to dramatically improve your office processes and eliminate wasted time and money. Bring the process that has you stumped to class and tackle the issue by applying the tools.

Learn How To:

  • Identify the eight wastes in your office processes
  • Find and eliminate bottlenecks
  • Organize the workspace for ease of use and quality
  • Uncover the root cause of quality problems and systematically solve them
  • Design work flow for maximum efficiency (speed) and effectiveness
  • Create a schedule to monitor and quickly correct process problems

Target audience

Managers and process improvement teams from Legal, Finance and Accounting, IT, Purchasing, Customer Service, Sales and Marketing

Customized version available for C-Level executives

Last updated December 2017

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