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Program Description

Learn how to become a professional DJ with our Production and DJ, professional certification, course. The course is packed with all the theory and practical knowledge you need to work in the industry; from the equipment and set-up of the DJ booth to musical structure and key; giving you the best options to make great-sounding and artistic mixes.


Develop your knowledge of different styles and trends, learn about all-important DJ psychology, and how to position yourself professionally on social media.

Mix and create your own sessions using our range of equipment: CDs (Pioneer CDJ-2000), digital systems (XDJ-1000), controllers for Traktor, Serato, and Rekordbox DJ and, of course, vinyl.

Whatever your taste in music, there's a place for you here. You will have the opportunity to spend hours in the DJ booth under the guidance of our staff, putting into practice the skills you've learned over the course.

The course takes place in the Microfusa school, without a doubt, the best space with the best possible facilities for a DJ and music production school to have. You will progress through the course surrounded by a team of top-flight professionals and enjoying the various masterclasses offered by DJs and professional producers of international prestige.

Pioneer DJ collaborates with Microfusa and the center itself is an official Apple training facility. On completion of the course, you will obtain an official Pro DJ certificate, with the stamp and quality guarantee of Microfusa.

Be trained by the best, in the best DJ and production school in Spain | Barcelona.


First Part

  • The DJ booth: equipment and configuration
  • Music history and genre
  • Musical structure and tempo
  • Tempo-sync and beat matching
  • Introduction to mixing
  • Mixing with effects, loops, and samples
  • Prep and development of a DJ set
  • Promotion and DJ psychology
  • Mixing using controllers: Traktor, Serato y Rekordbox DJ (Pioneer DDJ-SZ, Traktor Kontrol S4, Traktor Kontrol F1)

Second Part

  • Creating and maintaining a set (connector, cables, and signal levels)
  • Mixing with vinyl (Pioneer, Technics)
  • Mixing with CDs (Pioneer CDJ-2000, Pioneer CDJ-900)
  • Mixing with digital systems (Pioneer XDJ-1000)
  • Virtual mixing using vinyl and CDs with timecode: Traktor Scratch y Serato Scratch (Rane SL3, Pioneer DJM 900 Nexus)
  • Harmonic mixing
  • The industry: DJing and promotion
  • Social media and self-promotion
  • Masterclass. Experiential, professional advice, artistic development, management, booking, and networking

Third Part

  • Studio configuration: equipment, interfaces, software, and hardware
  • Workstations (DAW), different types and characteristics
  • Analysis of productions and musical genres
  • Creating rhythms using loops and virtual drum machines (Ableton Live)
  • Electronic instruments, synths, and samplers (MIDI and VST)
  • Using external controllers for Ableton Live (Launchpad)
  • Dynamics processing
  • EQ, automation, effects, and plugins
  • Track structure and musical genres – Electronica and Dance
  • Creative sampling (Maschine)
  • The final mix and an introduction to mastering
  • Musical language. Tonality, melody, scales, and chords
  • The record industry, licenses, and record labels
  • Copyright, distribution, publishing and registering of music
  • Social media and self-promotion
Last updated Oct 2020

About the School

The daily schedule at the school is divided between the classes; theory and practice, in the computer rooms and studios. The classes are led by qualified tutors who bring their experience to the learn ... Read More

The daily schedule at the school is divided between the classes; theory and practice, in the computer rooms and studios. The classes are led by qualified tutors who bring their experience to the learning environment while following the methodology of the school. There are also the hours for study and practice conducted at the school with the all the necessary facilities and amongst fellow students whose talents, Read less
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