Course in Negotiation and Decision Making Strategies


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Program Description

This interactive five-day program is designed to improve your personal effectiveness and increase the productivity of your organization by drawing on the latest research in the psychology of judgment, combined with time-tested theories of negotiation and decision making.

The purpose of this course is to help general and functional managers develop consistently effective strategies and systematic approaches to negotiations and decision making that will dramatically improve their personal effectiveness and the productivity of their organizations. The course provides sufficient familiarity with negotiating and decision making styles that will help managers identify their unique strengths and weaknesses, thus enabling participants to interpret and comfortably use the latest advances in the field of negotiation in their daily decisions.

The program will also equip participants to recognize and overcome flaws in their negotiation and decision making processes; develop frameworks for making sound decisions; analyze situations; develop plans to monitor, improve, and practice their negotiation and decision making skills; and more effectively learn the right lessons from their experiences.

Overall Objectives

  • Develop a systematic framework for improving negotiation outcomes
  • Identify the key characteristics of a good agreement
  • Identify common psychological pitfalls that obstruct optimal agreements
  • Anticipate and defend against common influence tactics
  • Identify personal tendencies to be overly cooperative or competitive in conflict
  • Broaden the repertoire of negotiation approaches through practices
  • Increase creativity and flexibility in solving problems
  • Increase the ability to meet interests when faced with a competitive opponent
  • Defend interests in confrontational negotiations
  • Use alternative, creative approaches to reaching negotiated agreements
  • Learn specific techniques for simultaneously achieving personal interests and the interests of the negotiation partner
  • Measure interests, find beneficial trades, and maximize the outcome in a multiple-issue negotiation
  • Recognize and overcome flaws in the decision making process
  • Develop frameworks for making sounder decisions
  • Learn the right lessons from experience
  • Develop plans to monitor, improve, and practice decision making skills at the job

Who Should Attend

This program is designed to benefit middle, upper middle, and senior level managers, who would like to enhance their influence, both internally in their organizations and externally with other organizations and vendors, by improving their negotiation and decision making skills. Managers in every functional area of responsibility, in all industry types, will benefit by attending this program. In particular, executives in areas such as marketing, sales, manufacturing, engineering, mergers and acquisitions, purchasing, human resources, strategy, and finance, as well as general mangers who have been promoted through these routes, will find this program highly beneficial.

Topics Outline

  • The Psychology of Judgment and Decision Making Processes
  • Beginning with the Toughest: Price Negotiation
  • Coalitions, Power, and Fairness
  • Organizational Decision Making
  • Influence Techniques and Problem Solving
  • Techniques for Creating Value
  • Achieving Goals in a Multiple-issue Negotiation
  • Action Planning: Putting It All into Practice
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