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Program Description

Program Overview

In Leadership that Shapes the Future, you can develop the essential leading, planning, and influencing skills necessary to create and sustain long-term organizational success. During this interactive three-day seminar, you will learn strategies and methods you can use to become a "transformational leader" --one who enables others, especially peers and subordinates, to transcend self-interest and act for the common good of the organization. Learn how effective leaders build high performing organizations so you can:

  • Become a more influential member of the management team
  • Shape customer expectations and position your organization for long-term, sustainable growth
  • Make better, more inclusive and more effective decisions
  • Link personal, team and organizational goals to make a stronger impact on the bottom line
  • Empower colleagues, employees and teams to fulfill their potential
  • Overcome your leadership gaps and capitalize on strengths to reach your career goals

Focused Topics

The Essence of Effective Leadership - The leader's critical roles and functions in every organization. The leader's goals: improve performance and quality, increase output, promote pride of accomplishment. A model of effective leadership. Integrating the roles of leadership and management. How effective leaders link personal and organizational goals.

Building High-Performing Teams - Developing the talents and potential of others. Empowering team members to generate motivation and commitment. Organizing team-building activities.

Organizational Culture - How organizational culture affects the bottom line. Characteristics, strengths and weaknesses of different organizational cultures. Assessing your organization's culture. Leading culture change in your organization.

High Performing Organizations - The impact of team leadership on business performance. Kaizen-- the spirit of continuous improvement. How effective management of the workforce leads to enhanced productivity and increased profitability.

Effective Decision-Making - Determining how and when to involve others in decisions. Assessing your decision-making style. Improving employee participation. Practical tools for effective decision-making.

Coaching for Performance - Becoming a developmental manager. Obstacles to effective coaching. Coaching for performance improvement.

The Leader of the Future - How the nature of leadership is changing. Creating your own personal development action plan. Becoming the leader you would follow.

Benefits of Attending

  • Enhance your performance as a leader.
  • Unleash the true power of your teams.
  • Shape the future of your organization.
  • Create a custom road map to a high performance culture.
  • Generate lasting results through leadership assessments and coaching.

Why Businesses Sponsor

Companies that sponsor employees in Leadership that Shapes the Future benefit from leaders who help maximize successful and efficient operations, improve quality and output, and take the strategic goals of an organization from vision to implementation.

Target audience

This seminar is designed for executives, managers and professionals who:

  • Want to develop their leadership abilities to meet complex organizational challenges
  • Are interested in new leadership strategies and methods to build a high performing organization
  • Seek to enhance skills in teamwork, coaching others, integrating the organization and strategic planning
  • Face changing leadership expectations as their companies transform
  • Need to inspire and motivate a team to be successful
  • Desire a personal leadership development path to advance
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