The course "Introduction to the international Social Research Process" develops and expands contents that were already taught in a previous course on Comparative Social Research (Enseñanzas Propias, Ual) and that developed the International Seminar World Values Survey of the University of Almeria. On this occasion, we try to focus directly on the World Values Survey that will serve as a guide an example for the development of the course. This is a course that will work on the methodology of research and data analysis in the social sciences, with special emphasis on research programs through surveys in the international arena.


  1. To foster an intercultural encounter between the local university community and the international academic community, consolidating the public image of the University of Almería and projecting it beyond our borders
  2. To deepen from the theoretical and practical point of view, in the design and analysis of data in social investigations
  3. Provide an introductory training in social research methodologies, combined with the opportunity to focus on a substantive social science área, the sociology of values.


Module 1: Introduction 5 h

  • The social research in the international arena
  • International databases available
  • World Values Survey as an international programme of social research

Module 2: Survey Design (how to design a research Project) 15 h

  • Survey Design: offering knowledge on how to design a research project: theories, hypotheses, concepts, measuring instruments.
  • Questionnaire design: conceptualization, scales, coding, batteries of questions, avoidance of redundancy, typologies.
  • Sampling: different types of samples and deviations from the full probability sampling, and new GPS sampling.
  • Modes of data collection: comparison of modes, from face-to-face interviews to internet modes.

Module 3: (Analysis) 15 h

  • Analysis of Data I: descriptive analysis, percents, average measures, main component analysis, correlation, regression models.
  • Analysis of Data II: sophisticated analysis, like multi-level, path analysis, indexes, modeling.

Module 4: Report conclusión and publication 5 h

  • Report writing: tables, graphs, how to report conclusions, bibliography, citations.
  • Preparing texts for academic publications.


Course and materials will be given in English A variety of methodologies will be used, including lecture/presentation, discussions, debates, group work, video discussions, question and answers, demonstrations, and practical sessions.

Professional Visits and Complementary Academic Activities

This course has a practical focus and the lessons will be complemented with professional visits to the Spanish National Institute of Statistics (INE) and other related official agencies


Participants will be given reading material one week before the course, and will be required to complete 15 to 20 hours of preparatory work on which they may be tested in order to understand their level of knowledge and understanding in key areas. Course participants will be required to complete a post course report about the course.

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Last updated April 22, 2019
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July 2019
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