Professor: Lic. Antonella Giacchetti

Teaching Language: ENGLISH / Idioma: INGLES

The goal of this course is for students to learn the general principles and theories of intercultural communication while interacting and building relationships with individuals from other countries.

The first unit focuses on the role that participation in interpersonal communication activities with Argentines and local mass media consumption play in the cross-cultural adaptation process.

The second unit introduces students to the basic principles of verbal and non-verbal communication focusing on Latin American and Argentine communication patterns.

The third unit introduces theories and research comparing and contrasting cultural values that influence communication behaviors in student’s home countries and in Latin America.

This course gives students the opportunity to reflect on their own culture and experiences, to ask questions, discuss, interact with individuals from other cultures, and better understand the roots of cultural similarities and differences.

In addition, this course helps students develop awareness of how cultural identity influences communication, engages interaction with the host culture, and prepares students to become more effective intercultural communicators.

The ultimate goal is to realize the importance of individuating each intercultural experience and to reduce the use of inaccurate stereotypes.

In this course students will:

  • Apply intercultural communication theories and research findings to their own cross-cultural experience
  • Acquire skills to be more effective in intercultural communication contexts
  • Assess the cross-cultural adaptation and intercultural communication effectiveness of others
  • Recognize the influence that mass media has on the cross-cultural adaptation process
  • Engage in activities with Argentine culture while developing interpersonal relationship with Argentines
  • Understand how intercultural communication research is conducted with diverse groups and in distinct settings
Program taught in:
  • English

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