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Program Description

Even highly innovative and creative managers with excellent people skills must report their results using financial terms and concepts. This program presents the main elements of modern finance from the manager’s viewpoint.

The purpose of this seminar is to help general managers, senior functional managers, and other nonfinancial managers make decisions that will measurably improve their personal effectiveness and the profitability of their organizations. The program provides sufficient familiarity with financial information to enable managers to interpret and comfortably use financial data in their daily decisions.

Also, it will equip participants to communicate more effectively with financial specialists, including treasurers and controllers. It concentrates on the uses of financial information rather than on its preparation. Participants will develop skills to understand financial decisions that affect their companies’ business and operational objectives. They also will learn how to analyze decisions involving capital structure, financing, dividends, valuations, acquisitions, and restructuring.

During this this seminar, you will learn to:

-- Understand how economic outcomes of business decisions are reflected in your organization's financial reports.

-- Communicate more effectively with the financial executives in your organization.

-- Improve your financial vocabulary so that you are better able to understand and interpret financial information.

-- Increase your comprehension of current analytical practices and techniques.

-- Use financial information in managerial decision making.

-- Sharpen your skills in assessing the strengths and weaknesses of competitors by analyzing their financial statements.

-- Assess the desirability and value of investment projects, corporate assets, and whole companies (acquisitions).

-- Establish financial policy in your area of responsibility.

-- Discuss current financial problems with some of the nation's top finance faculty.

-- Understand the impact of operating decisions on financial performance.

Who Should Attend

Executives in every functional area of responsibility, from all industries, whose decisions have significant financial impact, will benefit from this course. In particular, executives in areas such as marketing, sales, manufacturing, or engineering, as well as general managers who have been promoted through these routes will find this program beneficial.

This program builds upon our Financial Analysis for Nonfinancial Managers program. Individuals should have a strong knowledge of accounting and finance, including budgeting, income statements, and balance sheets, in order to benefit from this course. If you have questions about which course would be the most value to you, please contact us prior to registering for a program.

Topics Outline

Financial Statement Analysis and Cash Flow Forecasting

Financing Decisions

Investment Decisions and Value Creation

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