Course in Fashion Photography and Digital Retouching

John Kaverdash Accademia di Fotografia

Program Description

Course in Fashion Photography and Digital Retouching

John Kaverdash Accademia di Fotografia

Course in Fashion Photography and Digital Retouching

The course offered by the Academy goes beyond theory and after going into studio lighting and shooting techniques, about basics and rules, about language of professionals, recreates the professional ambience both within the studio and outdoors, giving students the possibility of using industry professionals to train and improve their skills. This set-up can create an important experiential journey allowing young professionals to gain confidence in managing the set, using high quality equipment not available without substantial investment, directing and interacting with models and having the guidance of professionals who are already present in the industry.

Students are also introduced to digital retouching discovering not only how to modify their techniques to link with postproduction, but also what has become indispensable technical aids and creative tools. So a photographer entering the profession today cannot know how to use Photoshop or similar programs. This course opens up to new possibilities for creativeness, allowing students to build real images otherwise unrealizable, understanding and applying new perspectives on the vision and design of photographic images.


  1. Studio Lighting
    • Photographic set, levels of equipment and their interaction to create the desired images
  2. How to light a photograph: preparations, main light, auxiliary lighting, lighting for effects, background lights
The photographic set for whole length figures, half-length figures, close-ups of figures and specializations in commercial photography

Light in Fashion Photography: natural light and studio light Outdoor shootings

Introduction to Fashion Photography

  • An introduction to the most famous, important and successful fashion photographers through their own Images
Fashion Photography Today: advertising, editorial images, magazines, look book, e-commerce

Choices concerning staff, stylists, make-up artists, air stylists, models for the right Image Research and creation of a fashion mood board Image editing: students will have produced high quality and a differentiated series of images. With the guidance of the teacher a selection will be extracted to form a professional portfolio Make up in Fashion Photography Styling and trends Fashion shootings: beauty and whole length figures, studio and outdoor shooting with professional models, make up artist and styling


  • Differences between vector and bitmap graphics
A complete survey of instruments, menus and palettes of available

File size and related issues Selection instruments (Rectangular and Elliptic selections, Lasso, Magic Wand, Speed and Level Masks, Alpha Channels, Scrap Plan) Repairing Images Chromatic corrections (Levels, Curves, Selective colour corrections) Different levels of use (Operations, effects and regulation of/with levels)


  • Abilities in using Reflex camera manually

Required Equipment:

  • Memory Card
  • Professional Cameras (both Canon and Nikon) and lenses will be provided by the Institute

Certification issued:

Certificate of attendance

Cost & Fees

€6.000 VAT included(€1.200,00 enrollment fee; €4.800 by December 28th 2017)

  • Discounts available for single installments
  • Payment by bank transfer
This school offers programs in:
  • English
  • Italian

Last updated November 28, 2017
Duration & Price
This course is Campus based
Start Date
Start date
Jan. 2019
120 hours
Full time
6,000 EUR
Italy - Milan
Start date: Jan. 2019
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End date Mar. 28, 2018
Jan. 2019
Italy - Milan
Application deadline Request Info
End date Mar. 28, 2018
VAT included (€ 1.200,00 enrollment fee; € 4.800 by December 28th 2017)