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English for Specific Purposes, (ESP)

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English for Specific Purposes (ESP) is a learner-centered approach to teaching English that focuses on developing communicative competence in a specific area such as: accounting, aviation, business, IT, teaching, engineering, medicine and so on. Learners are also exposed to English workplace cultural terminologies and real world English skills practice.

ESP programmes are different from general English language courses as they tend to focus on specific areas and needs:

  1. Designed to meet the specific needs of the learners
  2. Related in content (themes and topics) to particular disciplines or occupations
  3. Use authentic work-specific documents and materials
  4. Promote cultural awareness and seeks to improve intercultural competency
  5. Deliver intermediate and advanced level language training

English Training Lounge's English for Specific Purposes Programme offers teaching and training that highlights and targets the language skills needed for authentic industry and workplace English language use.

Our ESP programme is designed following two pathways; English for Professional Purposes (EPP) and English for Academic Purposes (EAP). We also offer a Foundation based ESP course, which prepares students to enter either pathway.

English for Professional Purposes (EPP)

Foundation Level:

English for Specific Purposes

ETL's Foundation for English for Specific Purposes programme (FESP) is an intermediate level training course, which aims to develop students’ reading, writing, speaking and listening skills within their chosen area of specific English needs. This flexible programme is partially designed to meet the learner's immediate requirements and also addresses that which is relevant in their chosen area of ESP study. The FESP programme also focuses on grammar, pronunciation and vocabulary and is geared toward both an academic and workplace context. The learner's skills are developed via face-to-face or Live-on-Line training and predetermined online exercises.

Course Overview:

This course focuses on strengthening English language communication skills in all areas. Topics include:

Complimenting and criticizing effectively - Writing e-mails and memos - Negotiating with a colleague or peer - Conflict management styles - Resume and cover letter writing - Expressing an opinion or idea - Writing different types of paragraph.

English for Professional Purposes (EPP)

The EPP course focuses on the development of job-specific English language skills for learners who want to enter or advance in their professional careers.

Course Overview:

The immigration requirements of native English speaking countries is continuously evolving to meet each country' specific needs. The amount of skilled professionals immigrating or applying for immigration to countries such as Australia, Britain, Canada, New Zealand and The USA are increasing. For these countries, internationally trained and skilled professionals and workers are an important source of talent to answer the labour shortages in certain sectors such as: medical services, engineering, teaching, I.T, technical industries and public service industries such as transport, refuse collection and construction.

At English Training Lounge, we not only help with the development of ESP, but also with the integration of Internationally Educated Professionals (IEPs) into their chosen professional workforce and country. ETL understands that English for Specific Purposes (ESP) has a wider use for the learner which goes beyond their place of work and into their new wider communities. Our ESP programme is a responsive English language course created to offer IEPs exposure to career based English and also authentic 'everyday' English language use.

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At English Training Lounge we understand that the modern world does not stop simply because we need it to! This is why ETL offers an English language school that is as flexible as you need it to be. We deliver English language training at a time and location of your choosing! We are not a 9 to 5 English as a second school because we know that life is 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Read less
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