Course in English as a Second Language (ESL)

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Course in English as a Second Language (ESL)

Open Hearts Language Academy

General ESL Program

OHLA uses a skills-based curriculum, focused specifically on developing necessary linguistic skills in five major areas: Reading, writing, listening, speaking and grammar.

We, at OHLA, know that the best way to develop these skills is to do it in a “natural” way, the same way we all learned our native languages.

We believe that languages are not meant to be memorized, but rather to be used and practiced on a daily basis, in order to maintain continuity and master it in a lesser amount of time.


To learn and master the English language, it is necessary not to view it as a step-by-step approach, but rather as a continuous and progressive process, where international students are continuously challenged accordingly as they go through their levels of language study.

Languages are continuously learned and improved upon, the same way in which we are always learning and improving our native languages. The main reason for this is that languages are always evolving; just like everything else we see or experience in life.

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A proficiency scale is a set of descriptions of the language skills that you can expect to attain during your time at OHLA. Each level in the scale describes a stage in your development of competence.

Entry Points


Each level lasts 12 weeks and it is sub-divided in six 2-week-units called “blocks”.

Students may commence their language studies at the beginning of any two-week block. For instance, if a student were to start at the beginning of the third week (beginning of the second block), he would complete the remaining 5 blocks, and would then take the remaining block, being promoted to the next level only upon achieving an acceptable percentage of ALL biweekly block language exams and meeting our attendance requirements.

While the blocks are designed to be as self-contained and noncumulative as possible, it is inevitable that the material will build on itself to some degree, resulting in a progressive spiral of skill development, which will maximize the students’ learning experience.

Semi- Intensive, Intensive and Super Intensive programs

For students in our Intensive and Super Intensive ESL programs, we have integrated into our schedule a vast array of complementary language courses that vary depending on the level of each individual student. Each course is complementary and lasts 12 weeks.

Students in the Intensive English language program, will receive two afternoon courses, each taught by a different teacher.

Students in the Super Intensive English language program have 4 afternoon language courses taught by alternating teachers as well. This allows the students to be exposed to many teaching styles during their time at Open Hearts Language Academy.

Here is a sample of elective courses offered:


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