AMERICAN GEOPOLITICS PEL79*S-4 Professor: Mag. Rubén Rodríguez (UCA, Universidad Torcuato Di Tella) Teaching Language: ENGLISH / Idioma: INGLÉS

Course Description and Objectives

The course will examine the continuity and the changes in U.S. foreign policy toward Latin America and the Caribbean from the Monroe Doctrine to ALCA´s failure. Historically, the region has been of special interest to the U.S. because of its proximity and instability. It is the area in which America’s principles and its power have often collided. We will analyze the evolution of U.S. objectives in Latin America, the means used to pursue those goals, and the process by which decisions connect means with ends. Students will learn how to interpret US current policies towards contemporary challenges, including Cuba, Hugo Chavez and the rise of the new populists.


  • Brief Historical Chronology. The Revolutionary War and the Consolidation of Independence, 1776-1800. George Washington and Isolationism.
  • Expansion and Preservation. 1801-1865. 1823. Monroe Doctrine.
  • Andrew Jackson. West Expansion. Texas and Mexican American War. Manifest Destiny.
  • Global Emergence, 1865-1919. Lincoln and the Civil War. 1860-1900 Cycle. Imperialism. Theodore Roosevelt, Alfred Mahan and the Hispanic-American War 1898.
  • Gunboat diplomacy. Big Stick Diplomacy. Cuba and the Platt Amendment. The Protectorate. Panama Secession 1903 and Roosevelt Corollary. Wilson and The League of Nations 1919.
  • The “Era of the Good Neighbor” Policy. 1928-1950. Hoover and the 1928 Tour. F.D.Roosevelt and the protocol of non- intervention. “Re-discovering” Latin America. Movies and Fashion.
  • The Cold War. 1945-1989. The Truman Doctrine and Marshall Plan. 1947. The URSS Menace. Containment. The Bipolar System. Kennedy and Kruschev. 1959. Cuban Revolution. The Missile Crisis. The Sixties. The end of Multilateralism. Chilean coup d’etat, 1973.
  • From 1989 to ALBA. Washington Consensus. Liberal Reforms. Salinas de Gortari, Collor de Mello and Carlos Menem. 1998-2001 Latin American Crisis. The “Pink Tide”: the Latin Left Wing. From Chavez to ALCA’s failure.
Program taught in:
  • English

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