What is Academic English?

English is the primary global language of business, academia and international relations; it is the global lingua franca. A-level courses at Abbey College Cambridge and throughout the UK are taught in English, it will also be the language of instruction for the degree courses that you will go on to study at university.

Why study Academic English?

Whilst the overall benefits that mastering the English language brings are huge, if your primary goal is to be accepted into your chosen university in the UK or another English speaking country, you will be required to demonstrate a specified level of proficiency in English. This is usually demonstrated by a score in a recognised English language test, such as IELTS. Beyond this, a high level of English will have a very positive influence on your A levels, allowing you to understand more, write better, and achieve your maximum potential in your exam results. Also, it will help you get the most out of your time in the UK, allowing you to enjoy more clubs and activities, make friends, and better understand the country you are living in. Finally, looking ahead to your future, good quality English is almost certain to prove invaluable in your career, allowing you to work in an international context and access areas which might otherwise have been closed off to you.

What will I learn?

At Abbey College Cambridge, we work to raise your language ability in all areas, enabling you to cope with English in both an academic and an everyday context. You will spend the first stages of our course developing your General English in all of the four main skills; Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening, as well as in the language systems, such as vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation. You may work towards an internationally recognised qualification as part of the course. The solid base that you gain will help you to maximise your score in IELTS through the acquisition of many transferable skills. As you move through the course, we’ll also provide you with intensive preparation for the IELTS final examinations. Towards the end of the year, you will be given the opportunity to sit IELTS with the aim of achieving a score suited to your choice of course and institution. Throughout our course, you will be taught by friendly, professional and well-qualified teachers. You will be encouraged to read widely, listen to English speaking media, and speak the language as much as possible outside the class. This will prove crucial as widespread exposure to and practice in the language will result in speedier progress. We will also organise trips, activities, social events and guest speakers as part of the course programme, which will provide great opportunities to use your language skills.

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