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Program Description


The University Pathways English learning program at Greenville College is a one-year non-credit program aimed at preparing international students for university-level education in the U.S. In addition, the program provides cultural information needed to be successful students in U.S. university-level education.


Although this is not a TOEFL preparation program, students who complete the whole program should be well prepared to obtain high scores on the TOEFL test. Students are encouraged to take a TOEFL preparation course offered during the University Pathways program. The TOEFL preparation course provides practice in different types of questions that appear on the test, and it helps students improve general test-taking skills needed to be successful on most standardized tests prepared in the United States. Students may take the TOEFL while at Greenville. The college provides transportation to the nearest TOEFL test site on a regular basis.

Levels and Classes

The program consists of five levels of instruction. Each level of the program becomes more challenging as students are expected to grow and develop their English language skills. Each level lasts seven weeks and contains classes including reading, writing, grammar, listening and speaking, pronunciation, and conversation or speech class.

  • Level 1: Beginning

  • Level 2: Low-intermediate

  • Level 3: Intermediate

  • Level 4: High-intermediate

  • Level 5: Advanced

All new students will automatically be placed in level 1 until they arrive on campus and complete the placement test. Following this test, students may be moved up to level 2 based on their scores on the test. There is not a minimum TOEFL score requirement to be admitted to the program, but students should demonstrate basic English skills.

Class sizes are small to ensure individual attention. Typically, University Pathways classes have no more than ten students. Students attend class six or seven hours a day. Textbooks are provided to the students. The cost of textbooks is included with the program costs.

Entry Points

The program is designed to allow flexible learning periods. Students are provided an opportunity to enter the program at four different points during the academic year.

  • Late August (sometime between August 22nd and 29th)

  • Middle October (sometime between October 12th and 19th)

  • Late January (sometime between January 23rd and 30st)

  • Middle March (sometime between March 20th and 27th).

Student Services

  • Cultural awareness and personal and academic adjustment assistance

  • Trips to mall, Walmart and other markets

  • Field trips to nearby destinations

  • A variety of events and activities at Greenville College and in the Bond county area

  • American and international festival celebrations

  • American roommate assignment whenever possible

  • Homestay over holidays provided by locals whenever possible

  • Personal care from a Christian school

  • Assistance provided to take students to the doctor when they are sick

  • Free tutoring services five nights a week

  • Advice regarding I-20 and visa

  • Transportation to TOEFL test site available

Transition After University Pathways at Greenville College

Another benefit is that students who graduate from our University Pathways English learning program are guaranteed admission to Greenville College without having to take the TOEFL. If students complete the program in the middle of the regular academic semester, Greenville College offers seven-week undergraduate courses with six credits in total to ensure there is no gap between the English learning and the matriculation learning. Some positive outcomes are that 23 University Pathways graduates are attending Greenville College as traditional students and several more have been admitted to other American universities.

Greenville College

Application Process for University Pathways English Learning Program

  • Complete the online University Pathways application

  • Send sealed, official transcripts from your high school/secondary school as well as transcripts for all college or post-secondary classes.

  • Send official records of one of the following tests: TOEFL, IELTS, ACT or SAT, or ELS 109 at an approved language center. (This is not required, but will be helpful as Greenville College determines your English language skill level.)

  • Submit the completed Declaration of Financial Support along with supporting bank statements and sponsor’s information. (This will be provided once we receive your application.)

Once the international admissions counselor has received all of this information, she or he will review your file and communicate your admissions status.


Last updated Feb 2019

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