Our courses of health professionals are designed so that our students can develop their language skills from the first hours of class, in the four skills described and contemplated in the written expression, reading comprehension and texts, auditory ability and oral interaction. This is combined with vocabulary, expressions, and medical topics to train our students in this specific field.

In our health programs the grammar is not ignored, it is reviewed every day but starting from its function, that is our interest is not how many of these terms the student knows, but he can do with them especially in his medical performance.

We structure the courses in A1 A2, B1 B2, and C1 C2.

In the A1 A2, the beginner level, the student will be able to formulate and answer key questions to their patients about their personal and family information, they will indicate duties and obligations in their habits of hygiene and feeding to maintain good health. You will know how to medicate your patients depending on their specific conditions. In addition, it will recognize sections, rooms, medical devices, and specialized personnel in Hospital or Clinic Centers where they work. You will also be able to distinguish a sensation from a physical pain and you will know the location of it in different parts of the body.

At the B1 B2 intermediate level, the student will be able to ask more detailed questions to detect hereditary or congenital diseases in order to describe specific diagnoses for each clinical thing. Will be able to fill and maintain a written control of their patients while also advise more clearly, be it the case to women in pregnancy, childbirth, breastfeeding, care and accident prevention, child development, care of patients with treatments regular and chronic diseases, control in case of viruses, bacteria and other diseases of transmission of physical and sexual contact.

At the advanced or higher level, the student will have to produce with more precision and accuracy of written expression with more connected paragraphs and with greater volume in his oral expression to warn his patients about future consequences in their physical, mental and emotional health. You can interview your colleagues or other specialists presently or by other means of communication, formulate forums and be part of symposiums to discuss current topics of medical interest and defend their ideas and enrich their knowledge.

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  • Spanish

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