Course - Space Policy

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Course - Space Policy

International Space University

Space Policy Program

Space Odyssey Institute

Program Highlights

The theme of the Space Odyssey Institute (SOI) 2013 is Space Policy. It will emphasize the interaction between economy, law and policy, three factors which are inherently linked in space activities. Lectures will cover fields such as international law, space treaties and UN activities in space, international policy, liability law, natinonal space policies, regulations and outlook, political economy, communication policy, technology transfer policies, space and security and many more.


The Space Odyssey Institute is based on the premise that leadership requires constant renewal. Vision of the future, understanding of current opportunities, and of the rich diversity of talent available to an increasingly international space sector requires leaders to explore new directions and interact with their peers. Unfortunately the burdens of responsibility often work to isolate leadership, rather than to renew it. The Space Odyssey Institute focuses on a different issue of emerging importance each year, and provides professional renewal for its participants while increasing the space sector's understanding of important new trends.

What Participants Will Gain

Participation in the Institute will present the long-term vision for space development and exploration from space-faring nations from around the world to executives and managers. Participants will explore emerging opportunities and discuss obstacles to overcome. They will discover the broad range of ideas and views on current topics that are rapidly changing the aerospace landscape in order to strengthen their worldwide network with important leaders in aerospace.

Course Content and Methodology

This 12-day short course is designed to meet the needs of experienced professionals from mid-level to senior leadership positions in the international aerospace community. The multidisciplinary course is balanced between classroom lectures, insightful workshops and pertinent professional visits.
The course work will focus on areas of strategic vision, policy development, global implications, and high-level architecture development. Professional visits are used to illustrate specific discussion topics and offer many unique insights into the American aerospace industry.


The Space Odyssey Institute will be led by a cadre of ISU's distinguished faculty, and supplemented by small group sessions with key experts and decision-makers including worldwide experts.

To increase the participant's contact to multiple perspectives, ideas and approaches, the Institute is co-located with the International Space University's Executive MBA Policy and Law Module at the Space Policy Institute of George Washington University in Washington, DC

Admission Requirements

This course is open to those from middle management to senior executive positions, who have advanced university degrees, or a minimum of five years experience in aerospace or related areas, ISU alumni from both the SSP and Master Programs as well as all graduates with equivalent diplomas from ISU's affiliated campuses. Through their diversity, participants will enrich the ample opportunity for discussion and interaction with experts and decision-makers of the program. Because of the association with the Executive MBA module the number of SOI participants for this session is limited to 10.

Registration Fees

The registration fee is 5000 Euro/7500 USD, which includes: tuition, lecture material, lunches, several receptions and professional visits. A 1000 Euro /1500 USD deposit is required when registering for the course.

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