In our school, we have designed specific programs for clients, who dedicate their lives to the task of mission and support others to have a better quality of life, in all its integral being. The programs for missionaries are structured to develop them with students, of any level, be it beginner, intermediate, advanced or superior. The contents that each program contains, are compacted in 4 intensive weeks, of 4 hours a day. We adapt to the needs of the client and the availability of their time. Our method is communicative, for that reason we work on the 4 skills that every person needs to develop to communicate:

  • Auditory ability
  • Written expression
  • Reading comprehension and texts
  • Oral production

In our schedules, and how the class is structured, will receive during the first 2 hours:

Regular Spanish to obtain knowledge about daily and cultural life, which they will also be experiencing.

After a pause, the class concentrates on the technical issues, referring to the specific work of our missionary students.

The technical topics to be discussed are based on the Holy Scriptures, as well as other documents, books, and brochures that contain themes of Christian teachings, methods of application and motivation, for the daily life of every human being. In our courses, the student will learn gradually, depending on their level and during the process, they know about the biblical books, vocabulary related to the search of chapters and verses of each one of these passages and other complementary activities. The students prepare and expose sermons, on specific topics of the current life, in addition, the program contains readings of texts with stories of biblical characters, with reading comprehension exercises. , present prayers and Christian songs. At the end of the intermediate program, they begin to attend small retreats and spiritual gatherings, so that they can learn the subject and then they can elaborate and organize this type of activities themselves. At the end of the missionary course, we guarantee that our students will have an effective management of all the subjects, technique and strategies, that you will be able to use in this noble task.

Program taught in:
  • Spanish

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Feb 2020
4 weeks
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Feb 2020
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Feb 2020