October 8 - 9, 2019

Managing the well-being of employees

Create the membership conditions for teams

General informations


At the end of this training, participants will be able to:

  • to implement concrete actions to give a clear direction, shared objectives,
  • to promote an organization that improves, to control the time,
  • to promote the self motivation of employees,
  • to create a learning and creative team,
  • to anticipate the malaise and to create the pleasure of sharing.


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The conditions of well-being

  • History on management and its consequences
  • Integrate the philosophy of collaborative and creative management

Clear direction for all

  • Declining strategy at the team level
  • Give it an operational sense
  • Organize information on the meaning of the action
  • Set together realistic and challenging goals

An organization that is improving

  • Make collaborative diagnoses
  • Fostering innovation
  • Organize learning assessments

A controlled time

  • Set rules for the duration of tasks and meetings
  • Chasing time wasters
  • Simplify communication by email

Self-motivated employees

  • Identify individual and collective motivation levers
  • To stimulate individual and collective valorization

A learning and creative team

  • Encourage exchanges of practices, learning games
  • Organize the tutoring in the team, mutual help
  • Encourage delegation, the crossing of autonomy steps

Anticipate the malaise and develop the pleasure of sharing

  • Organize the individual and collective watch
  • Arouse rituals of sharing and pleasure
  • Trust and mutual help

Further information

Teaching method

Pedagogy is based on:

  • an alternation of contributions, exercises, creative workshops and exchanges,
  • breathing exercises, visualization, relaxation at work.

Program taught in:
  • French

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