Course: Leading at the Edge


Program Description

Leading at the Edge is a 5-day leadership development journey that exposes you to challenging, experimental and transformational experiences and simulations. It allows you to explore who you are as a secure base leader, nourishing, developing, transforming, and growing your leadership potential to effectively lead others and yourself. This motivational journey will allow you to make a positive future impact not only in your life and team but in your organization as well as for your clients. Explore your personal leadership style, get tools and techniques to leverage your full potential and to program your mind for success.


Why do some leaders overcome impossible barriers, go beyond unbearable pressure and frustration, and persevere in order to achieve outcomes seemingly beyond reach when others would give up? The answer to that question has never been more clear. Through their desire for relentless improvement, leaders at the edge can unlock the highest levels of performance from themselves and others. Leading at the edge enables people to "play to win" rather than simply "playing not to lose" with a focus on effort and learning instead of the outcome.

Drawing on the latest research on high performance from the world of sports, business, medicine, music, theater, military, and hostage negotiation, everyone can translate this knowledge to the real world of leading self and others from different backgrounds. The essential question is how successful do you want to be as a leader in an ever-changing and global world?

Learn about the counter-intuitive correlation of pain and success.

“If you cannot enjoy pain or learn to enjoy pain at the right moments, you will never be successful!” - Professor George Kohlrieser

Immerse yourself in simulations that will impact the way you see yourself and others being impacted by leadership, receive honest feedback while not only working with experts in their fields but with the continuous support of a team of highly experienced coaches to make sure that your program experience truly benefits your cause.

"Be an effective leader in a global context! Talent is a company’s most important asset and cultivating and retaining the right talent is a leader’s most important responsibility. Since every enterprise is different, every enterprise must develop its own unique talent strategy." - Professor Katherine Xin

The program for leaders with the edge

  • Do you need to lead with a sustainable impact?
  • Do you need to lead across cultures and globalized teams?
  • Do you need to lead by authentic example and with a dedication to manage change effectively?
  • Do you need to manage complexity in a global world of constant change and uncertainty?
  • Do you have to communicate in a clear and transparent way while embody and implement an action-to-win organizational vision?
  • Do you have to recognize, nourish and develop the leadership potential in others?
  • Do you want to take action now to re-evaluate, optimize, transform or grow your leadership styles for high impact in an exclusive peer group and a unique and secure environment of trust

Participant profile

You’re an executive, ready to reach the next level of impact- and meaningful leadership with maximum effectiveness and authenticity.  You are ready to lead to nourish and grow high-performing teams in a sustainable way.  Your class members have extensive management experience and come from a wide range of industries, functional backgrounds, and geographic regions. 

Meet the experts - Lead professors

Professor Katherine Xin
Professor of Management; Bayer Chair in Leadership;
Associate Dean (Europe); Director of Hospitality EMBA Programme, CEIBS, Serial Entrepreneur.
Ph.D., Univ. of California, Irvine. Extensive teaching, research, and consulting experience. Former Faculty: IMD,  Lausanne; University of Southern California; Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. A frequent contributor to academic and executive conferences and journals. Author of: Made in China - Secrets of China's Dynamic Entrepreneurs (2009); Globalization of Chinese Firms (2009). Five-Star Model of Talent Development (2014). Expertise: leadership, organizational culture, change management, and strategic human resource management.

Professor George Kohlrieser
George Kohlrieser is an internationally recognized expert on leadership, bestselling author, consultant, and motivational speaker. He is a Professor of Leadership and Organizational Behaviour at IMD in Switzerland. He specializes in conflict management, leadership, high-performance teamwork, change management, and professional development.
American Leadership and Organizational Behavior expert, Best-selling Author, Veteran Hostage Negotiator, Organizational and Clinical Psychologist, Consultant, and International Keynote Speaker.

Author of the internationally bestselling books:

  • Hostage At The Table: How Leaders Can Overcome Conflict, Influence Others, and Raise Performance
  • Care to Dare: Unleashing Astonishing Potential Through Secure Base Leadership


Date: January 10 - 14, 2021 or June 6-10, 2021

Location: CEIBS Zürich Campus in Switzerland

Fee: CHF 9900 (incl. tuition, teaching materials, lunches and dinners)

Last updated Sep 2020

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As China’s only business school to originate from government-level collaboration, CEIBS is committed to educating responsible leaders versed in “China Depth, Global Breadth” in line with its motto of ... Read More

As China’s only business school to originate from government-level collaboration, CEIBS is committed to educating responsible leaders versed in “China Depth, Global Breadth” in line with its motto of “Conscientiousness, Innovation, and Excellence”. Leaders from the Chinese central government and the EU have respectively lauded CEIBS as “a cradle of excellent executives” and “a role model of EU-China cooperation”. Read less
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