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Internship Program in Buenos Aires, Argentina

An intern is someone who works in a temporary position with an emphasis on on-the-job training rather than merely employment. Interns are usually college or university students, but they can also be high school students or post graduate adults seeking skills for a new career.

Mente Argentina Internship Program in Buenos Aires allow international students to spend a period of time working in a field of their interest and related to their own studies, preparing them for their future as professional workers.

We cooperate with a multiplicity of different enterprises, state, non-governmental and international organizations, As an intern you will get a deep insight into the Argentina culture while gaining solid experience in the working area you choose. In most placements you will work with Spanish speaking people, enriching further your Spanish knowledge.


Mente Argentina offers tailor-made internship programs in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

We belive Internships are the best way of acquiring working experience in the field you would like to work in, while learning or improving a new language.

Mente Argentina´s internationalinternship program in Buenos Aires bridge the gap between those wanting an extraordinary internship experience and the companies and organizations in Argentina needing talented, diverse individuals to work on short & long term project.

You will develop and enhance your professional skills in a typical Argentine working environment. We work with different host companies: private, public, non-governmental and international. You will be placed according to your requirements, experience and skills at the best placement match.

Based on your preferences regarding the business field and the position type you indicated in your application form, our team will activate our numerous business contacts and look through our internship database to find the position that best suits your expectations and needs.

This experience will prepare you for the future and you will also have the chance to immerse yourself into the local culture and business world.

Our program fee covers all our services including creating unique internships, 1st Class Accommodation in the best areas of Buenos Aires, a wide range of cultural immersion activities, and personal advice and services and assistance throughout your stay.

Mente Argentina Internship Program also includes an optional introductory course of 20 hours of Spanish immersion classes during your first week in Argentina (Monday to Friday from 9am 1pm). This would be the occasion to refresh your memory and to prepare you with specific business vocabulary as well as the most common Argentine expressions and words that you will need to interact in an Argentine business environment.


Mente Argentina specialize in facilitating career-related and professional internships in Buenos Aires in business consulting, advertising / design, health care, communications, human rights, Medicine education, finance / accounting, journalism, and many other fields.

The number of placements for our internships is not limited and almost every field of study is available. Based on many years of experience in the field of intercultural programs, Mente Argentina Team is continually seeking new internship opportunities for our participants.

The internships offered by Mente Argentina are non-paid due to the fact that the legal regulations of Argentina require a working visa for a paid internship, and the main objective of our program is international academic training.

Mente Argentina has a wealth of experience and knowledge in facilitating international internships that create equal value for both our program participants and the Argentine organizations where they work.


• Mente Argentina offers international internships in Argentina in many popular fields including international business, Journalism, medicine, law, human rights, marketing, and more. You can choose the working area in which you would like your internship program to be!!!

• Abroad experience is rapidly becoming a prerequisite for jobs.

• Mente Argentina Interns can often receive university credit for their internship in Argentina.

• Mente Argentina Team is made up of experienced consultants who have the skills to identify concrete needs within companies and non-profit organizations seeking international interns.

• Interning in Argentina is a great way to learn or improve your Spanish, which will inevitably expand cultural competence and job variety

• To intern in another country adds an entirely new element of learning how to adapt and experience different work environments

• You have the constant support of a personal tutor from Mente Argentina

• Compliance guarantee of all the legal and formal requirements of your internship.

• Fluent communication through Mente Argentina as intermediary between the intern and the host company.

• 24 - Hour Support to assist you with personal, social, legal, and other personal problems that you may have during your stay in Argentina.

• The possibility to travel and take tours with other participants.

• 1st Class Accommodation during your stay (included at no extra charge)

• Mente Argentina´s cultural activities like Tours, dancing classes, seminars, events, and many others (included at no extra charge)

Combine your Internship Program with Spanish Lessons (optional)

Even though it´s not essential that you take a Spanish course in order to perform an internship, at least a very basic level of Spanish is required. Mente Argentina offers you the possibility to combine your program with Spanish lessons. In this way, you will be able to learn or improve your Spanish while enjoying a unique experience in Buenos Aires.

Lessons take 4 hours and are delivered from Monday to Friday at the MA Spanish School in reduced groups of up to 8 students. These group classes will be combined with individual lessons so that you can reinforce your weaknesses and we can answer your inquiries in a one on one meeting.

Spanish School's teachers are highly qualified and have a vast experience in teaching Spanish as a second language. Therefore, the classes will be interactive and above all enjoyable! The classes can be attended both in the morning and the afternoon, so they will not overlap with the activities of your program.


• Creating a tailor-made internship that specifically meets your needs

• Official International Internship Certificate granted by Mente Argentina

• Exclusive Accommodation in the best areas of Buenos Aires: Palermo, Belgrano, Barrio Norte or Recoleta

• Airport Pick Up

• Airport Drop Off

• Welcome guidance & Orientation

• Free Cell Phone

• Full access to Mente Argentina Tours & Activities

• Mente Argentina Discount Card

• Mente Argentina Welcome Kit (calling card, insider's city guide, maps, and more )

• Tango Lessons

• Health Club Membership: Free Gym membership included

• Mente Argentina On-site assistance & Support Services 24/7

• Conversation Exchange Partner

Regular Program: 6 Weeks - 10 Weeks - 14 Weeks - 18 Weeks

Start Date: Every Monday

Last updated Dec 2017

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By choosing Mente Argentina, you’ve got a true local partner for a positive and rewarding experience in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

By choosing Mente Argentina, you’ve got a true local partner for a positive and rewarding experience in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Read less
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