Course: Intensive Chinese Language

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Course: Intensive Chinese Language

Go Abroad China

Intensive Chinese Language Program

Our most flexible option to study Chinese in China, you can go to a small Chinese school Shanghai with our classes beginning every Monday of the year for varying levels. Classes run for three hours Monday to Friday. The teachers at our partner school all have years of experience and a passion for teaching. They have all received thorough training in teaching Chinese as a foreign language and are officially certified. our partner school uses simulated everyday situations as the main teaching approach, enabling students to learn quickly and in a relaxed manner that is immediately applicable outside the classroom and abandons the test-oriented teaching mode, putting a greater emphasis on intensive speaking and listening exercises throughout the teaching process. Before you begin class, we will assess your level of spoken and written Chinese and assign you to a class that will match your level. If you only have a few weeks to study abroad in China, or can only get certain dates off work to come out, we will be able to accommodate your schedule.

Small Class Language Program - Components

Learn Chinese in China with Go Abroad China's Small group program comprising of the following parts:

Core Language Classes

Shanghai and Beijing Mandarin programs will consist of 4-6 hours of Mandarin language class time per day. The main areas of study are general Chinese, Mandarin Chinese for beginners, Business Chinese, HSK preparation, and besides these, you can also choose to focus on law, business & commerce, current affairs, reading & speaking etc. The Chinese language instructors are often rotated to promote efficient and fast learning, and for students to benefit from different teachers.

Language Exchange

Our China immersion efforts include a language exchange that integrates our international participants with our local native speakers and encourages communication between the two parties. If you choose to live in a shared apartment with Chinese, this exchange happens more efficiently, marking the beginning of new friendships and getting to know the Chinese local people. Overall, this program encourages culture and social exchanges and will be very useful for those particularly learning Mandarin language for beginners as you get to practice daily. Essentially we want for you to live the language Beijing, for those of you who will stay in the Capital. Otherwise, you can find yourself learning Chinese in Shanghai with classmates and new friends.


Go Abroad China offers different accommodation options for our program participants in consideration with their preference and budget. Clean and comfortable, all of our housing options are carefully selected and have 24-hour safety guarantee. Our apartments are equipped with all modern amenities and are within walking distance of the metro and bus lines that run all throughout the city. Utilities and Wi-fi are also included in the housing option.

Our accommodation options include: living with a Chinese host family, shared an apartment with a young Chinese professional, student dormitories, private apartment or a standard three-star hotel. Learn Mandarin in Shanghai, Beijing or Nanjing and still enjoy these options.

Culture Electives, Social Activities, and Guided Tours

Together with our language based, official classes, Go Abroad China additionally offers elective workshops and fun activities that participants can get involved in. Our aim with these activities is to broaden students’ awareness of Chinese Culture, History, and the Arts. These activities are extensive and cover almost all the areas mentioned above, they include Chinese calligraphy, painting, Martial Arts, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Chinese cooking. Our outings are fun and exciting; guided tours are to Beijing’s famous landmarks and city tours; we take our participants to the Forbidden City, Summer Palace, and volunteer opportunities. Exciting options to learn Mandarin Chinese outside of the traditional classroom can also be made available.

Networking Events

Go Abroad China arranges various Business and Networking Events, which students may wish to participate in. This provides a useful platform for our participants to learn how to network in China, meet influential foreign and Chinese business individuals from the business community and impart useful industry knowledge and current trends.

Total Service Pack: Support and Assistance

Go Abroad China has a comprehensive, complete service package that covers everything from the pre-departure procedure in an applicant’s home country, all through to the end of the program in China. We offer full assistance with planning for your selected program, airport pick-up, accommodation, visa support documents, 24-hour hotline support and many other essential services. At GAC, we take care of everything else while you just focus on studying and making the most of your experience in China.

By the way, you have the choice to learn Chinese in Beijing, Learn Chinese Shanghai or other smaller cities as per request. Mandarin Beijing programs will be great for those who want to be located in the country's cultural and political capital.

Dates & Fees

What Is Included in the Program Fee?

  • ACCOMMODATION: Go Abroad China offers different housing options for the total time that you will be in China for. Focus on your study or internship and we will do the rest. Click here for housing details.
  • CHINESE LANGUAGE CURRICULUM: You will have 20 hours of Chinese Mandarin lessons per week with a qualified language teacher at a Shanghai Mandarin School.
  • VISA DOCUMENTATION: Once enrollment has been finalized, participants are given the necessary visa support documents needed to apply for a visa to enter the People’s Republic of China.
  • PRE-DEPARTURE ASSISTANCE: Prior to your arrival in China, GAC will give you professional and reliable assistance to address any concerns or other important things to be aware of before you depart.
  • WELCOME PACK: On arrival in China, you will get a local mobile phone with a Chinese SIM card, city map, transportation card and other orientation materials. Learn more about the welcome pack.
  • FUN ACTIVITIES: Go Abroad China organizes regular cultural and other types of fun activities that all candidates are welcome to attend.
  • TRANSPORTATION: Airport pick-up (9 am to 8 pm Beijing time, or a US $100 will be charged if outside of the timeframe)
  • 24/7 STAFF ASSISTANCE: Should you encounter any problems and emergencies during your stay in China, we are always on call to help you.
*All prices in USD
  • Standard program includes 20 academic hours a week, while the intensive course offers 25 hours. The intensive program is suitable for students seeking for fast improvement and achieving fluency in Chinese in a short term. The standard program is for those who prefer a slower pace of studying and like to combine learning with leisure.
  • The program application deadline is two weeks before the program starts.
  • Time and program schedule are flexible. We will make all necessary arrangements during your arrival and stay in China.
  • Each program component, like accommodation, for example, can be optional if the applicant has prepared his/her own housing. Excluded components price will be deducted from the final package price. We can also provide Individual, a customized program based on your specific requirement. Homestay only program is also available.
  • Additional language class fees are US $30 per hour (for tutoring class) and US$25 per hour (for small class).
  • Learn China through language, the people, the food, culture and ins & outs of everyone here.
Any other questions or requirements, please contact us at
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Last updated August 17, 2018
Duration & Price
This course is Campus based
Start Date
Start date
2 - 48 weeks
Full time
1,820 USD
2 weeks full service with home-stay.