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Course: High School Program

Go Abroad China

Study Abroad in China High School Program – Overview

Go Abroad China's High School Program is one of the GAC China Study Abroad programs which is geared towards foreigner candidates of high school age: 13 to 18 years of age. In this program, we accept these candidates; place them in a reputable Chinese university in China or in GAC Chinese language schools to actually study Chinese in China for a duration of time – usually for some months, a semester in China or a full year. The aim of this is to allow these applicants to learn Chinese in the best way possible, all the while learning and experiencing the Chinese culture first hand. Our staff is comprised of highly trained teachers and program coordinators, who will guide, mentor and assist these students with whatever they need.

Besides Chinese language lessons, outdoor excursions, day trips to interesting historical sites, cultural immersion activities, all from part of the curriculum and study plan. We will help our candidates to get involved in community building projects or volunteer efforts to ensure an all rounded experience in China. Students are further encouraged to interact with Chinese people or practice Chinese amongst themselves to accelerate their own learning and make it fun!

This is a top study abroad China program geared especially for young students.

Key features of the Study Abroad China High School Program include:

  • Study abroad for a semester with Safe and comfortable accommodation at a Chinese host family. Usually, one member of the family will be of similar age to our China study abroad program participants.
  • A rigorous but fulfilling curriculum comprising of both Chinese language classes and extracurricular Chinese culture activities for a truly unique experience in China.
  • Regular trips to historical and tourist areas in the city together with people from your Chinese class.
  • 24/7 service support and assistance from our trusted Go Abroad China program directors and coordinators.
  • Opportunities to interact with native Chinese people and see how they live on a normal day.
  • Well-structured program to ensure you have fun, study efficiently and observe China first hand.

High School Program – Components


The preferred housing option for our high school candidates is a homestay with a Chinese family. However, sometimes if the candidate is enrolled at a university then we can also arrange for them to stay on campus in the dormitories. Accommodation fee is already included in the total fee program, and it is guaranteed for the entire duration of the applicant’s time in China.

Full Onsite Assistance

We provide full assistance involving travel & living arrangements, airport pick up and drop off, study materials, getting familiar with your university, language school and your surroundings, visa documentation and pre-departure guide, orientation upon arrival, program coordinators who speak both English and Chinese for your convenience etc.

Chinese Language Classes

Our China immersion program incorporates Chinese language classes, which are the main focal point of the whole program and it is our aim to help you learn as fast and effectively as possible so that by the time you leave, you have real improvement in your proficiency and also the ability to carry out a simple conversation in Chinese, as well as having a sound understanding of the Chinese culture.

When you study abroad in China, we will ensure that your Chinese language classes are conducted by native teachers with experience teaching the Chinese language to foreigners.

Workshops and seminars

Apart from organizing your Mandarin language school, we conduct interactive workshops, group seminars, and discussions to help our candidates get well acquainted with the way of living, things to expect, components of Chinese culture like music, art, shows/performances, traditional food, calligraphy, taiji etc.

City tours and Excursions

We organize trips to visit the city’s most famous and interesting historical sites such as The Great Wall, Summer Palace, Temple of Heaven and many more places. Besides tourist places, we further organize trips to Chinese schools, universities, business enterprises and the countryside to let our candidates enjoy all aspects of the area they are surrounded by.

Volunteer Opportunities

We have a selection of volunteering prospects available, such as helping out at a local hospice, orphanages or poorer schools that need the extra support.

This school offers programs in:
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Go Abroad China

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