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Program Description

Why study for Cambridge ICFE?

These classes are ideal for finance and accounting professionals who want to work on their industry-specific language skills. Studying for Cambridge ICFE will give professionals the opportunity to study and practice English in a wide range of accounting and financial contexts, even if students choose not to take the final exam.

Because the course is based on realistic texts, topics and tasks that are found in the daily working life of those employed in an accounting and finance role, successful candidates will find that they are better able to function in practical situations, such as meetings and discussions of a financial nature where they have to express opinions clearly.

They will also be able to better understand texts of various types, including financial statements, journal articles, letters, reports and proposals.

What is the course like?

The ICFE course is a short, intensive course that is focussed on preparing your language and examination skills for the internationally recognised Cambridge ICFE exam.

The following list is an illustration of some of the areas featured in Cambridge ICFE:

  • Financial Reporting
  • Company financial strategy
  • Risk assessment and analysis
  • Investment Banking
  • Ethical standards within Accounting
  • Accounting standards
  • Debt recovery
  • Accounting software packages and IT
  • Auditing
  • Assets and company valuations
  • Budgetary processes
  • Economic factors/conditions/forecasts in certain markets/sectors
  • Forensic Accounting
  • Banking and Insurance

ICFE assesses language skills in the context of finance and accounting. The examination is set at levels B2 (upper-intermediate) and C1 (advanced) of the Common European Framework of Reference for Modern Languages (CEF). Success at C1 level may be used as proof of the level of language necessary to work at a managerial or professional level or to follow a course of academic study at university level. This covers the levels of the Cambridge First Certificate in English (FCE) and the Certificate in Advanced English (CAE), and corresponds to bands 5.5-7.0 of IELTS.

The examination consists of four papers: Reading (75 minutes), Writing (75 minutes), Listening (approximately 40 minutes) and Speaking (approximately 16 minutes).

Course Dates

  • 10th February 2014
  • 31st March 2014
  • 02nd June 2014
  • 04th August 2014
  • 06th October 2014
  • 01st December 2014
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