September 26 - 27, 2019

Animate an effective meeting

Prepare, lead and define the next steps of a meeting

General informations


At the end of this training, participants will be able to:

  • to define an objective and concrete actions,
  • prepare and structure meetings,
  • to position oneself in front of a group and to encourage participation,
  • to animate his group with ease.


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Appropriate the basics of communication

  • Define the type of meetings: information, evaluation, problem solving, decision-making, consultation, and its terms of reference
  • Determine format: face-to-face, conference call or videoconferencing
  • Organize and manage a meeting remotely
  • Develop active listening, questioning, reformulation, reframing techniques

Prepare a meeting

  • Set clear goals
  • Structure and define the framework
  • Prepare animation tools and media
  • Invite participants: who (A and CC), why, when?

Open the meeting

  • Creating a positive climate: welcome and introduction
  • Present the framework, objectives and duration of the meeting
  • Make a presentation round: introduce yourself and present the participants

Facilitate a meeting

  • Prepare yourself personally: manage your nervousness, your emotions
  • Assert yourself with assertiveness
  • To know how to listen and to participate:
    • regulate the debate, give the floor to everyone, manage the group and the debates, refocus on the objective
    • manage conflict situations
  • Maintain the interest of the audience: appropriate animation techniques: brainstorming, group work
  • Co-hosting
  • Take into account the so-called "difficult" personalities: talkative, aggressive, disruptive, hyperactive

Conclude and follow up on a meeting

  • Respect the timing and finish in the allotted time
  • Summarize and conclude
  • The after meeting: summary report, and follow-up actions or decision record (Who? What results? For when?)
  • Define next steps

Further information

Teaching method

Pedagogy is based on:

  • an alternation of contributions, workshops and exchanges with the participants in a peer group,
  • scenarios based on the learning cases,
  • a personalized action plan.

Program taught in:
  • French

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