Discover your Origins

Offered by our school in Milan

Italian history books are often full of images of entire families, mass-moving from Italy to foreign countries, hoping to find a welcoming city where to work and raise their children. We all remember the great migrations to North America (the United States and Canada), South America (Brazil, Argentina, and Venezuela) and faraway Australia. Many families also moved to Europe, to neighboring Switzerland or Germany and the United Kingdom.

In order to still “feel at home", Italian emigrants went on talking to their children and descendants in their mother tongue - from the dialect to the modern language - telling them stories and traditions about their place of origin.

The course “Discover Your Origins" aims at offering to the descendants of Italian emigrants abroad the opportunity to deepen the Italian language and culture - the same their parents, grandparents, uncles have already passed them down - as well as the possibility to visit the places of origin of their ancestors!

The course is offered only by our school in Milan and includes:

  • 4 daily Italian language group lessons with students of different nationalities;
  • 6 weekly lessons (Monday-Wednesday-Friday) with the following program:
    • history of the Italian emigration;
    • analysis of the region and the place where the student's ancestors started their journey;
    • study of the dialect spoken in the region of origin;
    • research on the origins of the student’s surname with the help of the teacher;
    • planning the visit to the place of origin of the student’s family.

The course can be taken for a minimum of 2 weeks starting any Monday and up to a maximum of 12 weeks and the minimum level of Italian language requested is elementary A2. It will be activated even in the presence of only 1 participant: in this case, the number of lessons related to the specific program will be reduced to 3 private lessons per week.

We offer the opportunity to visit the place of origin of the students' families together with a teacher (to be quoted apart), as well as the possibility to start the procedures for requesting the Italian citizenship. We are available to provide assistance in this respect (to be quoted apart).

To take part in the course it is necessary to have Italian origins, proven by a document attesting the Italian citizenship of the student or the parents/ancestors.

Recommended for: descendants of Italian emigrants abroad, coming from any part of the world, who wish to come to Italy to deepen their language of origin and eventually visit the place where their ancestors departed from.

Program taught in:
  • Italian

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Last updated July 23, 2019
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