These courses are based on the vocabulary and grammatical structures, associated with the themes related to the liturgy, and all activities carried out in the Catholic Church.

Structure of the classes

This program is given intensively, in courses of 4 hours a day. In the first hours, we study subjects of daily life and the rest of the hours, focusing on the vocabulary, expressions, and structures referring to the church and its teachings.

Design of the programs

They are prepared for the different levels, beginners, intermediate, advanced and superior.

These levels are determined through the placement test, which is applied on the first day of classes.

Course achievements

In our communicative method, we work on the four skills, which students need to express their knowledge, teachings, and messages to the ecclesiastical community, these skills are oral production, written expression, auditory ability and comprehension of texts.

What preparation does our program offer? Our clients will learn and increase their vocabulary with grammatical structures, and specific expressions and references to the church. catholic. The teaching of the Spanish language, in this course, is in relation to the sacred scriptures, for what is studied based on the most outstanding biblical stories, they will learn to expose them in an active and creative way.

Other activities

  • They will have visits from preachers and people actively involved in the Catholic Church.
  • They will have interviews, presentations, preaching and other common activities that take place in the church.
  • The students will organize activities related to the church, where they can be in contact with the public that attends, real parishioners.
  • They will visit Catholic churches, to review and practice the learned vocabulary, they will even prepare a Eucharistic celebration inside a Catholic church.

All this and more, we have prepared them, to guarantee an effective and dynamic learning, and so they can express and expose their knowledge with great security and effectiveness.

We are ready to receive them!

Program taught in:
  • Spanish

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This course is Campus based
Start Date
Feb 2020
4 weeks
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Start Date
Feb 2020
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Feb 2020