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Program Description

This is a program that contains courses aimed at students of business and economic sciences, as well as entrepreneurs, investors, executives, and managers. We offer all levels from A1 to C2 in this business area, which are located through a leveling test and a linguistic immersion through the practice of the language in face-to-face classes combined with recreational activities. One of the main objectives of this program is that our customers can communicate in an international context aimed at people who perform commercial functions, responsible for the purchase, responsible for business and export managers. Our programs are divided into three areas which each course assistant will choose depending on their own interests, even if it does not matter what level of Spanish they have since the courses are adapted according to the linguistic knowledge that the student possesses.

Course #1: Principles of Administration

In this as in all our courses, the student will have all the necessary material to perform all kinds of activities directed by his teacher and also those that he can create on his own initiative, and thus with this , in the first instance be able to become familiar with the first structures, vocabularies, expressions and other socio-cultural aspects related to their business tasks. With this, you will be able to communicate with more property to use administrative issues referring mainly to the organization and structuring of your company.

These principles of administrative expression start with very specific linguistic tools such as being able to make an optimal selection of the personnel to hire in their companies. Therefore in this program, our clients learn to identify people from their personal information, interests, professions, salary pretensions, initiatives in a very specific way to be able to have a very selective team to collaborate in your company. With the previous bases, you can become more familiar with detailed tasks on hierarchical positions and plan the organization chart of a company based on planning and functions in the area of human resources. In this other aspect the student will have obtained stronger roots in his expression and knowledge of the language so he will be able to:

  1. Carry out face-to-face interviews and even other means of communication.
  2. Give oral and written the curriculum of their own company in an attractive and competitive way.
  3. Inform about the labor and business expectations pursued by your company or business of interest.
  4. Describe the organizational aspects of your company and pretensions to improve the progress of it.
  5. Propose conclusions based on observation and justified planning the effective performance of the employees of your company and possible incentives for this aspect to produce an effective teamwork.
  6. Handle other matters related to competitive strategies for the market where you need to develop your company.

Course #2: Business Development and Marketing

To recognize that our clients have the language skills required to start the second course, we at ELEC will be examining the level that our clients have of the Spanish language through the aforementioned location exam. If the student is considered to be at level A2, a check of the previous level would be given. When our clients start this second course, it will help to strengthen the strength of your company by organizing competitive strategies to different national and international markets, because you will get more social and empathic expression that will help you to be recognized as an entrepreneur of ideas. open and solid in the world of finance.

Since Spanish is the third language spoken in the world, this course will help you to express yourself more fluently in this field of your commercial specialty and expand to markets in Latin countries. To achieve this, you must:

  1. Have a linguistic, directed and practical immersion to communicate with people who perform commercial functions.
  2. To handle with more precision the legal requirements to consolidate your company.
  3. Have knowledge of protocols to follow when forming a company.
  4. Be able to design a real marketing plan in the environment that the client requires.
  5. Keep a conversation with different means of communication to negotiate.
  6. Investigate tax systems for the assembly of a commercial product.
  7. Plan the launch of a new product or commercial service.

With all the previous thematic, our business client will be able to control with more accuracy the managerial work for a good start of his projects in the business world in Latin America spatially. With this capacity obtained through the courses that ELEC has designed for our business audience, our professionals with management and executive positions will open a door that will lead them to show themselves more appropriately in a market that is becoming increasingly competitive.

Course #3: Budgets and Investments

In this third course that ELEC offers to our executive and executive professional, our clients will be able to have a focus on the management of their financial statements and the specific way in which they wish to use the budgets assigned for the realization of their Business projects. When a language is learned, it is not only to recognize its forms and specific grammatical or thematic bases or vocabulary, but it must be used appropriately in different cultural, social and work groups and environments.

With globalization in the business, the context has become of great importance the use of good and clear communication to achieve efficient agreements to ensure productive and safe investments through using different forms in the language, in this specific case the Spanish. Only by obtaining the linguistic skills contemplated in our business courses can even an empathic climate be fostered in the organization and realization of prosperous negotiations. During this course, the student will be showing their linguistic skills in a more independent way so they will perform work and activities autonomously.

That is why this course will have flexibility of schedules and physical spaces for the completion of the courses, since in some occasions you will have to do interviews with businessmen, make visits of observation of some commercial activity, you will witness the launching of a commercial product of This country will seek interviews with some people in banking entities to learn about the conditions of business loans in this country.

From what we observed earlier when our client is located in this third year, his linguistic immersion will be very real and practical, that is why he will be able to:

  1. Interact in banks and savings and loan cooperatives.
  2. Prepare financial consolidation reports for your company.
  3. Expose on budget balances for the realization of projects.
  4. Measure your financial statements in accordance with your investment project.
  5. Be aware of the operation of various economic sectors.
  6. Monitor and project budget reports of your investments.
  7. Negotiate agreements to establish your investment.

Advantages of Learning and Managing Business Spanish for Foreigners.

Our clients, when taking our specific courses in the business and economic area, focus on understanding and communicating their interests in this area, using communication skills such as they are the oral expression, auditory ability, reading and comprehension of texts and written expression. With these tools, it will transmit and capture information on topics related to the organization and management of managerial positions, investments and financial controls with more security and responsibility in the performance of its commercial functions. We invite you to participate in these carefully prepared programs to provide an exclusive design in the business environment that you require for the proper functioning of you as professionals in the business and economic sciences.

Last updated Sep 2018

About the School

Teaching Spanish in Costa Rica, offering total immersion to learn in a fast, efficient and effective way, allowing the students obtain their best performance during each week at school.

Teaching Spanish in Costa Rica, offering total immersion to learn in a fast, efficient and effective way, allowing the students obtain their best performance during each week at school. Read less
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