Course: Business English Course

Cebu International Academy

Program Description

Course: Business English Course

Cebu International Academy


Business English Course is aimed at bringing together both the essentials and sophistication of English by learning the words and expressions used in business and performing various tasks by using them. Students are also given a chance to boost their communicative confidence by strengthening their general skills needed to meet the challenges of using English in the business world from professionally putting out opinions, understanding employment management documents, acquainting oneself with marketing terms, preparing documents, presenting, constructing e-mail and so on.

Business course

  • One to one: 5 frames (3 ESL / 2 BUSINESS)
  • S group: One frame (BUSINESS)
  • M group: One frame (Native or CNN)
  • group: One frame (Enhancement)
  • Self-study: 2 frames ( Self Study Compulsory ・ Writing Self Study)

Lesson program

  • Lesson 1 –Learn basic Business terms and expressions
  • Lesson 2 –Learn the format of standard business documents, how to write notes, how to summarize, and how to make a report
  • Lesson 3 –Learn how English is used in written language and business scene
  • Lesson 4 -Learn the skills of business presentations
  • Lesson 5 –Acquire knowledge of advanced business terminologies
  • Lesson 6 –Learn how to take minutes of the meeting through basic business challenges
  • Lesson 7 –Experience public interviews and simulated job interviews
  • Lesson 8 –Develop a plan, investigate it, develop the ability to apply related information about the business


※ Airport pickup is available on weekdays for a fee of Php1, 000. (Weekends are free of charge)
※ Additional Accommodation is available for the following costs:
- Php1,500 for single room
- Php1,200 for double room
- Php1,000 for triple room

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Last updated October 8, 2018
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This course is Campus based
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Start date
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1 - 8 weeks
Full time
- Starting from 775 dollars. See the program description for details.
Philippines - Mandaue City, Central Visayas
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Open Enrollment
Philippines - Mandaue City, Central Visayas
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