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The European Aviation Safety agency (EASA) regulates all aviation activity in Europe. Engineers are licenced in the same way as pilots and air traffic controllers. An Engineer who is fully licensed can certify work, which has been performed on an aircraft, and return it to the skies. Air Service Training Ltd. in Perth Scotland in cooperation with Keilir Aviation Academy has set up a local field office at the Keilir location in Ásbrú in Reykjanesbær where courses for certified Aircraft Engineering takes place. AST is approved by the UKCAA (United Kingdom Civil Aviation Authority).

This is a 5 semester accredited program for Aircraft Engineering ´Approved IR Part 66 Category B´ which is both theoretical and practical course including apprenticeship for Aircraft Engineers. The course follows both the curriculum published by EASA according to the European publishing of certificates and AST, which is professionally responsible for implementation and quality of each course. Those that graduate from AST acquire the full part 66 license.

About the course

Courses are all taught in English, although most teachers will be Icelandic whereas Keilir has hired and trained teachers who are already Icelandic aircraft engineers. The first part of the course begins with a general Aircraft Engineer education that includes academic as well as practical training. The course is taught in modules finishing one subject at a time and takes 5 semesters.

At the end of the basic education course students have the option of choosing their individual interest e.g. to become B1.1 (General Aircraft Engineer), B1.3 (Helicopter Engineer) or B2 (Electrical Aircraft Engineer). To begin with Keilir will offer education for B1.1 but students who choose B1.3 or B2 at the end of the basic education will finish that part of the education and training at AST in Perth, Scotland. In the general course students will finish B1.1 certification and then choose to add a second qualification.

Taught by a trained professional with a IR Part 147 license issued by the National Aviation Authority. The course is a minimum of 2400 hours. Including OJT at an IR Part 145 approved maintenance facility which takes place in a hangar on location in KEF airport with UKCAA licensed training providers supervised by AST. At the completion of the course graduates will be issued a Certificate of Approved Training, certifying that the graduate has completed a program including module examination and was assessed to be competent and safe in Aircraft Engineering. Students will be thoroughly trained in aircraft structures, operating phenomena and systems and the requirement for experience is reduced.

Students will be provided with an iPad for the course materials during the course free of charge.

Aircraft EngineeringWho is the course for?

Education in Aircraft Engineering is for anyone who desires to have an international certification and work in a diverse work environment maintaining airplanes of all types and sizes. Employment opportunities are vast in the field of Aircraft Engineering and present a good opportunity for a further education and work development.

Air Service Training

AST - Air Service Training is a recognized ´IR Part 147´ training partner in issuing Aviation certificates according to quality standards of EASA. AST is a part of Perth College and University of Highlands and Islands (UHI) in Perth, Scotland and has operated as an Aviation College Since 1931 in the British Isles and elsewhere. It is worth mentioning that Keilir and The University of Highlands and Islands are planning further cooperation in the coming semesters.

Admission Qualifications

To qualify for the course in Aircraft Engineering with Keilir-AST you will need to meet these requirements:

  • High School Diploma
  • 18 years of age or above
  • Good knowledge in English both verbal and written.
General Inquiries

Here are some answers to common questions regarding Aircraft Engineering

Where does the course take place? The course takes place in Ásbrú, Reykjanesbær, Iceland, just minutes from the Keflavík International Airport.

Why should I study Aircraft Engineering at Keilir Aviation Academy and AST? AST has taught Aircraft Engineering for over 80 years, has fantastic practical facilities and good connections with EASA IR part 145 Flight Operators that strengthens the education. The facilities at Keilir meet all quality standards and go well beyond minimum requirement to provide highest level of theoretical and practical studies. Additionally the course with AST is directly connected with the courses at the University of Highlands and Islands in Scotland so the students can combine their education at a higher level e.g. continue on in Aviation Technology and other courses related to that field.

Keilir Group Aircraft EngineeringFurther Information
  • We recommend sending a CV with information about education and work experience with your application.
  • The courses are all taught in English.
  • Phases are set up in such a way that each subject is finished before beginning the next.
  • Lessons are between 9:00-16:30 Monday through Friday.
  • Emphasis is on math and physics.
  • Emphasis is also on punctuality.
  • To pass each course a minimum grade of 75% is required.
  • The course is five semesters.
  • 95% attendance is required to pass the course.
  • OJT- Practical training at an accredited EASA 145 facility for 8 weeks.
  • Practical training for 24 months in cooperation with Accredited EASA 145 workshops.
  • Teaching materials, iPad including material and projects are included in the course fee.
  • Keilir offers students support in math and physics through the Keilir website.
  • Busses are operational throughout the week between the Ásbrú and the Reykjavík area.
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