Programme overview

Acquire the toolkit needed to succeed as a finance professional Finance professionals face increasingly complex tasks in today's fast-paced business environment. To be successful, they need to master a wide range of corporate finance tools and understand how to use them.

The Corporate Finance Evening Programme enables you to acquire these tools in three terms, with ten evenings per term (Mondays or Wednesdays).

Financial Accounting and Analysis (term 1), explains how to read and interpret financial statements

Corporate Finance and Valuation (term 2), looks at valuation techniques and their applications

Corporate Financing and Risk Management Policy (term 3), concentrates on the use of financial instruments to fund businesses and manage risk.


Term 1: Financial Accounting and Analysis

In term 1, you learn to assess the performance of a company by undertaking a careful analysis of its financial statements.

Key topics covered:

  • financial statements and accounting standards
  • modern financial analysis techniques
  • revenue recognition and expense matching
  • assets and liabilities recognition.

Term 2: Corporate Finance and Valuation

Valuation exercises are pervasive in business decisions, form capital budgeting to M&A decisions and value-based compensation. This term equips you with the modern valuation tools required to appraise financial decisions and evaluate companies.

Key topics covered:

  • valuation using discounted cash flow analysis
  • capital markets and cost of capital
  • investment appraisal
  • company valuation
  • valuation using and multiples.

Term 3: Corporate Financing and Risk Management Policy

Businesses have access to an ever richer set of alternatives to fund their activities. In addition, they rely increasingly on derivatives markets to hedge multiple sources of risk. This term introduces the main instruments available to modern businesses. It also explores how to value them and how to use them to make sound financial decisions.

Key topics include:

  • real options
  • forwards, futures, swaps and hedging
  • convertible bonds
  • dividend policy
  • mergers, acquisitions and corporate restructuring
  • raising capital.


At the end of Financial Accounting and Analysis you will be able to:

  • use financial statements to evaluate a company's performance
  • assess a company's ability to meet its liabilities
  • understand major governance issues
  • understand the impact of accounting standards and regulatory frameworks.

At the end of Corporate Finance and Valuation you will be able to:

  • evaluate investment projects and other decisions with financial consequences
  • value companies
  • understand capital market behaviour, risk and cost of capital
  • apply the ideas in an international context.

At the end of Corporate Finance and Risk Management Policy you will be able to:

  • design a basic financing strategy
  • raise funds effectively
  • design a basic risk management strategy
  • undertake long-term financial planning.

Target audience

The Corporate Finance Evening Programme is ideal for anyone seeking a solid understanding of the key concepts behind modern financial decision-making.

Program taught in:
  • English

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Aug 2019
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Aug 2019
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