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Program Description


The Ecole Lenôtre provides its students and partners with cutting-edge training to facilitate, encourage, communicate and maintain high-performance standards and excellence. The "Cooking Chef Ecole Lenôtre" training is aimed at adults who are passionate about cooking whether or not they are on a conversion course, and for professionals seeking to increase their field of expertise.

Eligibility for this course has the following pre-requisites:

  • To be aged 18 years or older
  • To have basic knowledge of the language in which the course is taught (level B1)
  • To be able to read and write
  • To know the basics of hygiene and safety in a food environment
  • To have basic knowledge of basic reasoning (calculations and logic)


Level 1: L'Essentiel 6 weeks

Level 2: L'Incontournable 7 weeks

Level 3: La Maitrise 8 weeks

The learning of knowledge and techniques is done through practice in classrooms. The theory is integrated into the practice, allowing a better understanding of the techniques and immediate implementation.

Flexible offer that allows following a 7 months course, or separately certified modules.


The aim of this training is to allow students to learn the basics of cookery and to master the creation of the basic elements.

Practical Lessons: 6 weeks

  • Make basic recipes: sauces, vinaigrettes, mayonnaises, stocks, etc.
  • Make basic starters: soups, quiches, salads, etc.
  • Make fish and seafood dishes: moules marinières, whiting à l’Anglaise, sole bonne-femme, etc.
  • Make meat dishes: roast poultry, sautéed veal, beef stew, stews, grilled meat, etc.
  • Make vegetable side dishes in keeping with the focal meat or fish
  • Make classic desserts: fruit tarts, filled choux buns, layered desserts, moka, bavarois, etc.
  • Assessment of progress


The objective of this training is to allow students to deepen their knowledge of cooking and to master the techniques necessary to achieve the basics of pastry catering.

Practical Lessons: 7 weeks

  • Master different types of terrines: classic terrine de campagne, fish, foie gras in gelée, crusted terrines
  • Master seafood and shellfish recipes: tartare or carpaccio, oysters in gelée, marinières, stuffed clams, crayfish, lobster, etc.
  • Master cold and hot starters: soufflés, flaky fingers, salads, etc.
  • Master advanced level fish dishes and sauces: handling filets, steaks or sections (flatfish filet, scallops Quiberonnaise, etc.)
  • Master advanced level meat dishes and sauces: cutting and preparing chosen cuts (rack of lamb, tournedos, chicken supreme, kidneys, etc.)
  • Make cocktail foods, potted canapés, how to compose a buffet dinner
  • Master the basics of pastry catering: basic pastries and how to use them, cooked fruit, petits fours, pastry creams, dry and soft petits fours, etc.
  • Assessment of progress


The aim of this training is to allow students to consolidate their mastery and perfect the skills necessary to work in the profession of a chef.

Practical Lessons: 8 weeks

Of which 2 weeks are led by a MOF chef.

  • Master cooking for buffet dinners and cocktails: making sandwiches, glazing techniques
  • Develop a range of modern and signature dishes coached by an award-winning chef
  • Create a menu using restricted ingredients, recreating dishes already learned
  • Create a menu using a restricted budget
  • Master the different cooking methods for fish and meat
  • Create plated desserts and petits fours
  • Assessment of progress

On the successful passing of exams, students will receive the Certificate of Chef Ecole Lenôtre (Certificat currently being validated with the RNCP).

+4 weeks (minimum) of intership inside Lenôtre's workshops or in places selected by Ecole Lenôtre.

Registration Terms

Given the limited number of seats in each session (12 maximum), we advise you to register at least 3 months before the starting date of your course.

Please contact us for more information.

The Fees for the Cooking Chef Certificate

Fees for the different certificates

​Fee for the 3 certificates;

21 weeks’ training and 4 weeks’ work placement:

35 940€ (Tax included)


​The Essential Certificate: 9 720€ tax inclu.

The Inescapable Certificate: 11 340€ tax inclu.

The Mastery Certificate: 14 880€ tax inclu.


  • 9th September 2019: taught in French, in our school in Plaisir
  • 9th March 2020: taught in French, in our school in Plaisir

For more information, please contact us:

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Last updated May 2020

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By founding the École Lenôtre in 1971, Gaston Lenôtre responded to the training needs of both French and foreign professionals.

By founding the École Lenôtre in 1971, Gaston Lenôtre responded to the training needs of both French and foreign professionals. Read less
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