Computerized Office Management

Students will learn computer office management through the use of the computers and various programs, develop leadership skills, and personnel management. Our objective is for each student to develop leadership skills, and program use.

Employment Outlook: Administrative, Coordinator, Office Manager, Marketing, Supervisor, General Office, marketing, Human Resources Department, and much more.

Additional Information: Students obtain an M-1 visa by enrolling into this program.


  • Monday – Friday (Except Holidays)
  • 2pm-6pm
  • 10 month program
  • Certification Course

Module I: Introduction to Computers and Typing

The student will be able to identify the various parts of the computer, distinguish the different types of operating systems, and will be able to determine whether a computer system is good for purchase.

The student will also learn to type at least 35 words per minute with 95-98% accuracy.

Module II: Medical Billing

At the conclusion of this module, the student will be able to describe major insurance programs and federal health care legislation.

The course provides a basic knowledge of medical diagnoses and procedure coding systems and complete insurance claims.

Module III: Microsoft Windows

At the conclusion of this module, the student will be able to demonstrate fluency in the usage of Microsoft Windows operating software, which is the basis for learning and managing software.

In addition, the student will be able to enhance the computer with extras, learn about the various features, and terminology.

Module IV: Microsoft Word

After finishing this module, the student will have the ability of creating a variety of documents using this software.

Among these documents are letters, memos, resumes, flyers, newsletters and advertisement, which can be of great benefit in the workplace.

Module V: Microsoft Excel

At end of Module V the student will be able to demonstrate knowledge of creating various documents using the spreadsheet, such as calendar, charts, graph, and date entry.

In addition, formulas used in this program will present critical thinking tasks that can help the student solve problems with numbers, patterns and sequences.

Module VI: Microsoft Access

In Module VI student will be able to demonstrate how to create and maintain a database.

The student will have the opportunity to organize information and record collections and reports.

Module VII: Microsoft PowerPoint

Student will be able to demonstrate competency in the process of presenting any type of information to an audience.

This software will assist the student with a visual idea of the facts being delivered. The student will have the ability to enhance the presentation with sounds, graphics and the necessary information.

Module VIII: Office Procedures

At the conclusion of Module VIII, the student will be able to demonstrate job search skills and aptitude in working in a professional environment.

In addition, the student will be able to handle difficult situations in the workplace and obtain excellent communication skills.

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Sep 2019
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