Computer Engineering Technician


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Program Description

This program is taught in French, click here for the French Translation of the program This program allows the student to choose a specialization in programming or network management. The programming option gives the student a solid grounding in programming and database management. In addition to acquiring training in other branches of computer sciences, such as networking and the material aspect of computers, graduates of this program will gain structured, object-oriented and SQL programming skills. The student will know how to develop traditional applications as well as Internet applications, such as advanced websites. The student will also be able to create, maintain and interrogate databases. The network management option allows the student to acquire solid training in network and server administration. Also, training in other computer fields, such as programming and the material aspect of computers, will allow graduates of this program to gain solid competencies to install and manage servers and local networks of all sizes. The individual will be able to install security mechanisms on databases and manage stored information.

Admission conditions:

  • Ontario high school diploma or the equivalent in another province, or mature student status
  • 2 French credits (at least 1 mandatory group course)
  • grade 11 or 12, pre-college or pre-university
  • 2 mathematics credits: grade 11 or 12, pre-college or pre-university

Recommended courses or other:

1 Computer Sciences credit: grade 11 or 12, pre-college or pre-university.

Work environment (type of employer):

  • Small, medium and large companies of all types (private, government, teaching establishments, financial institutions, hospitals etc.)
  • Development and maintenance of computer systems and software of all types
  • Design and management of databases
  • Design and management of websites
  • Design and installation of computer networks
  • Technical assistance centres (Helpdesk)
  • Customer and sales computer products and services

Possibility of a bachelor’s degree or other title:

Many universities recognize the postsecondary credits of Collège Boréal. Each university has its own admission criteria. Following your college studies, the university of your choice will analyze your credits in order to establish appropriate equivalence.

Candidate profile:

The ideal candidate is creative and resourceful, likes to solve problems with an original approach. The candidate loves new technologies and is ready to meet the challenges of a field in constant evolution. Is also willing to live new experiences, do teamwork and satisfy a variety of clients.


  • Graduates of the Computer Engineering Technician program can directly register to the 3rd year of the Computer Engineering Technician –Programming option
  • Graduates of the Computer Engineering Technician program can directly register to the 3rd year of the Computer Engineering Technician –Network Administration program option
  • The first semester is the same as the first semester of the Computer Sciences –Support Service program

Step 1

  • FRA1005 ~ Français I
  • INF1035 ~ Logiciels d’applications
  • INF1039 ~ Introduction aux algorithmes
  • INF1040 ~ Introduction à la réseautique
  • INF1074 ~ Systèmes d’exploitation et ordinateurs
  • MAT1018 ~ Mathématiques informatiques

Step 2

  • INF1021 ~ Protocoles et concepts de routage
  • INF1041 ~ Introduction à l’administration des systèmes
  • INF1042 ~ Introduction à la programmation
  • INF1043 ~ Introduction aux bases de données
  • INF1044 ~ Logiciels de développement
  • CHOIX ~ Formation générale au choix

Step 3

  • FRA1006 ~ Français II
  • INF1006 ~ Système de gestion de bases de données
  • INF1018 ~ Formation aux usagers
  • INF1023 ~ Réseaux locaux et à distance
  • INF1045 ~ Administration des serveurs
  • INF1046 ~ Développement d’applications Mmultimédia
  • INF1048 ~ Programmation et scripts

Step 4

  • ENG1003 ~ English Communications I
  • GEN1036 ~ Design artistique
  • INF1055 ~ Administration de systèmes
  • INF1069 ~ Design de bases de données
  • CHOIX (2 cours à compléter) ~ INF1051 ~ Programmation internet et INF1053 ~ Programmation de serveur OU INF1075 ~ technologies réseautiques avancés et INF1076 ~ Sécurité des réseaux I
Last updated November 2017

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