Tailored program to work on your specific needs, professional purposes (law, economy, environment, sciences, journalism, etc.), or if you need improve conversation, or to practise more grammar, pronunciation, etc.

Courses are in the morning and in the afternoons, groups until 10 students from 9:00 to 12:15 (45 minutes one lesson ) and one to one lessons in the afternoons (60 minutes one lesson)

For the diplomas DELF and DALF, that are awarded by the French Ministry of Education, there is an official calendar of exams during the year. This calendar is published by the authority every year. The school will give you all the information you need as soon as they are available: dates, registration, prices, number of places, etc.

One-to-one Lessons

  • No prior knowledge of French required
  • For all levels: To improve your French (pronunciation, grammar, vocabulary)
  • The advantage of our individual courses is that they are taught in order to meet the specific requirements of the student. The contents of the lessons are adapted according to the individual, so that he or she may learn in a relaxed atmosphere, with the undivided attention of the teacher. Many students take advantage of individual lessons to work intensively on specific areas of the language, pertaining to their particular interests or occupation. Our teachers are specialized in a wide range of subjects, such as economic, history, journalism, and use of wide range of media - from newspapers and specialized magazines to cassettes and videos.


Combined 20 lessons in a group and 4 hours one-to-one:

  • 389 EUR - 1 week
  • 758 EUR - 2 weeks
  • 1132 EUR - 3 weeks
  • 1506 EUR - 4 weeks

Combined 20 lessons in a group and 6 hours one-to-one:

  • 481 EUR - 1 week
  • 942 EUR - 2 weeks
  • 1408 EUR - 3 weeks
  • 1874 EUR - 4 weeks

Combined 20 lessons in a group and 8 hours one-to-one:

  • 573 EUR - 1 week
  • 1126 EUR - 2 weeks
  • 1684 EUR - 3 weeks
  • 2242 EUR - 4 weeks

Combined 20 lessons in a group and 10 hours one-to-one:

  • 665 EUR - 1 week
  • 1310 EUR - 2 weeks
  • 1960 EUR - 3 weeks
  • 2610 EUR - 4 weeks


When you come to Marseille, where you stay is very important. We'll guide you through a wide range of accommodation choices. We'll also help you when you decide to change where you live. You can choose a residence, hotel, a welcoming host family. Wherever you stay, you'll mix with lots of people and be able to practice your French. A wide range of accommodation options are available. Our In-School Accommodation Team work to assure that we can offer the best selection of accommodation choice.

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389 EUR
Combined 20 lessons in a group and 4 hours one-to-one, 1 week (+ other expenses)
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