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Program Description

An introduction to the wonderful world of coffee!

Whether you’re an aspiring barista or coffee connoisseur, this one-day course is a great introduction to the industry. You’ll be trained in essential barista techniques and methods through practical training. What’s more, you don’t need any previous experience – just a desire to learn and passion for the industry.

The perfect course for coffee lovers

Develop your coffee knowledge

This course has been carefully crafted by some of the coffee industry’s leading experts. On this intensive one-day course, you’ll discover each stage of the fascinating coffee production process, from farm to cup. Learn about different brewing methods used to extract the beans, how roasters develop distinct flavors, how to apply different roasting profiles, and of course, how to brew perfect Italian espresso.

Learn how to make perfect coffee

You’ll quickly become confident using the grinder, the machine and all the other essential espresso equipment. Then, you’ll learn to produce every drink on the espresso-based menu with barista-level skill, from macchiatos to cappuccinos.

Course Highlights

By the end of this one-day course, you’ll be making all kinds of espresso-based coffees with barista-level skill and precision. Our expert instructors will teach you the essential Italian barista skills and brewing techniques through hands-on training. You’ll learn how to make and serve the perfect espresso, macchiato, cappuccino and more behind your own purpose-built barista station.

Not only will you be able to impress your friends with your amazing coffee-making skills and knowledge, you’ll know how to use all the coffee equipment like a pro and start working in a cafe with confidence.

Get a certificate from the Specialty Coffee Association

The Speciality Coffee Association (SCA) is a non-profit organisation that represents thousands of coffee professionals around the world, from producers to baristas. They offer a Coffee Skills Program made up of six different modules.

This Coffee Course (1 day) provides you with the skills you need to pass the SCA Introduction to Coffee module. This exam isn't included in the course and is totally optional. But if you'd like to take the exam after the course, we'll make sure you'll be fully equipped to do so. Once you pass, you'll be awarded an SCA certificate and will earn 10 points towards your Coffee Skills Diploma. The exam costs €60 and you can book it through EBS. It will take place under the supervision of an SCA-authorised trainer on a specified date after your EBS course

Please note that sitting the SCA exam is entirely optional.

If you’d like to develop your coffee skills further and you want a more intensive course, our Barista Course (5 days) could be just what you're looking for. You’ll learn all the skills and techniques you need to become a professional barista through 5 days of hands-on training.

Course Content Overview

  • An Introduction to the history of coffee
    Learn about the fascinating journey of coffee, from its origins in Ethiopia, Yemen and the Arabic-speaking world to the modern-day coffee culture in Europe. Learn all about the difference between Arabica and Robusta, gain an insight into the main coffee-consuming countries and much more.
  • Global coffee production
    We’ll examine the most important coffee-producing countries and explore how geographic location influences coffee flavour.
  • The roasting process
    Become familiar with the coffee roasting process, learn how to preserve roasted coffee and enjoy a tasting session of light and dark roasted coffee prepared using a French press.
  • Brewing methods
    In this practical session, you’ll get to grips with different brewing methods and learn the difference between under extraction and over extraction, become familiar with the grinding process and coffee dosing for espresso and filter coffee.
  • Espresso
    Learn how to use the espresso machine quickly and confidently. Practice preparing espresso-based beverages including macchiatos, cappuccinos, flat whites and more.
  • Tasting sessions
    Develop your coffee palate and enhance your appreciation of coffee during fun tasting sessions. Learn the difference between different types of coffee:
    • Instant coffee and filter coffee
    • Robusta and Arabica coffee
    • Specialty coffee prepared using the Chemex and Aeropress coffeemakers

On the Coffee Course, you will...

  • Learn to make perfect barista-style coffee at home
  • Add some new skills to your CV
  • Pursue your passion and learn all about coffee
  • Start working in a cafe immediately after your course
  • Earn some extra cash while studying or working
  • Get a taste of the coffee industry to see if it’s for you
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European Bartender School is the world’s leading bartending school. We pride ourselves on training aspiring bartenders to a globally recognised standard. We already trained +70,000 graduated for 20 ye ... Read More

European Bartender School is the world’s leading bartending school. We pride ourselves on training aspiring bartenders to a globally recognised standard. We already trained +70,000 graduated for 20 years. Read less
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