What is Professional Coaching?

In short, professional coaching is a professional partnership that supports, inspires, and teaches the business leader or manager to maximize their professional potential. While acknowledging that a senior or junior business leader is the true expert in their field or discipline, a professional coach provides an outside, trained professional who can help their coachee clarify goals, promote self-discovery, develop workplace strategies and solutions to challenges, and hold the coachee accountable for improved productivity and results.

Noble Manhattan Coaching Americas is an internationally recognized professional coaching team that focuses on coaching in the workplace to promote a coaching culture for both short-term and long-term performance improvement, increased return on investment and better return on equity.

NMCA’s Coaching For Results Program

The Coaching For Results Program created by Noble Manhattan Coaching Americas is designed to give workplace leaders the blueprint, guidance and training that they need to drive higher employee productivity and satisfaction, increased ROI and a stronger ROE. This course was created because of the workplace demand for a tool-set and program to address challenges that every business faces like employee stagnation, team performance plateaus and the models and strategies that allow them to develop a culture of coaching that will carry them into the future with purpose and success.

At NMCA, we understand that developing breakthrough performance strategies and increasing productivity isn’t often easy, or virtually every business would thrive. That’s why professional coaching from credentialed coaches with access to techniques, research, and the tools to optimize employee engagement, while growing leaders within your business to do the same, is so important. By facilitating personal and professional growth that leads to improved performance, the acquisition of new skills and knowledge as well as the overall development of the coachee, our professional coaches empower others to do the same.

Our eight-week Coaching For Results Program course is unlike anything you have experienced in a management coaching environment before. Utilizing extensive research and collaborative dialogue with other industry experts, we have created a course that is challenging, adaptable, and most importantly relevant to your company’s leaders. Over the eight-week course, coachees are worked with during a pair of multi-day live training sessions, provided with ample practice and mentoring opportunities and are led through modeled, guided and independent practice situations.

The dynamic structure, extensive content and quality training that your team receives from our credentialed professional coaches will yield incredible results that are noticeable immediately and that grow over time as the coaching culture takes root in your workplace. Combine this with lifetime access to our management coaching resource platform and student support team for every program participant, and it’s hard not to see why we’ve had so much success.

Why Develop a Coaching Culture?

First, let’s make sure that we understand what coaching culture actually is and how management coaching can help establish it. At Noble Manhattan Coaching Americas, we follow the ideas provided by the National College for Teaching & Leadership which says that coaching culture is a strategy firmly grounded in the organization’s development plan with governance and management in place to ensure that coaching is integrating into the way the organization operates. This kind of institutionalized coaching creates achievement opportunities for businesses — including better ROI and ROE — and promotes healthy productivity, employee satisfaction, leadership identification and encourages investment.

The reality is that the old model and rules for creating efficiency and effectiveness in the workplace don’t work as well as they used to. Many of the most successful businesses have shifted from a platform of hierarchical based decision rights, leading by “direction,” clearly defined roles and job titles and a process-based approach. They now favor a more innovative, flexible model that embraces knowledge-sharing, multi-functional leadership assignments, lead through “orchestration,” and a project-based approach where teams and responsibilities are defined but roles and titles can be more fluid. According to a Forbes article, in 2011, corporate giants like Google were collectively spending upwards of one billion dollars annually on corporate coaching. Furthermore, the focus of their professional coaching investment was not a remedial one meant to “lift” low performing employees, but it was rather a focus on identifying and developing the high potential leaders of the future.

Whether the professional coaching strategies were employed through an external management coaching system like the one that Noble Manhattan Coaching Americas offers, or they were cultivated, grown and promoted internally, the real focus was on creating pathways to increased effectiveness in all facets of a coachees work life through learning new skills for future independence and the development of self-awareness and personal growth. This shift is in response to changes in the corporate environment over the last decade that have required innovative solutions, one of which has been a re-thinking of coaching in the workplace. These trends include:

  • A surge of global competition.
  • New technology and innovations.
  • The replacement of a human workforce.
  • The flattening of organizational hierarchies.
  • Downsizing and layoffs.
  • The resurgence of small business.
  • A growing millennial workforce with different values.
  • An increasing demand for better customer service and experiences.

Noble Manhattan Coaching America’s professional Coaching For Results Program is designed with all of these elements in mind and built to help you shift from the control and command style of management to a coaching management model that addresses the changing nature of most corporate environments. Continue reading to learn more about the specific benefits for each and every tier of your organization and about how professional coaching and the development of a coaching culture can greatly improve your return on investment and return on equity.

How Professional Coaching Helps Businesses

To be certain, professional coaching systems provide a bevy of benefits for businesses of all sizes. From helping to identify the leaders of tomorrow and growing them to improved quality of life and investment of employees, to provide a tangible reward to stockholders and partners, building a professional coaching culture for your business is a smart investment with immediate and long-term dividends. In general, successful coaching in the workplace should produce an improved quality of teamwork, stronger communication, increased job-satisfaction, a sense of ownership at all levels of the organization, and a more successful model for succession and career planning. With so much to gain and so much at stake, choosing the right partner to help you embark on a professional coaching focused model is crucial.

To make sure that the management coaching process achieves its desired outcomes and moves your organization towards increased revenue and productivity, there are key measures that have to be taken. Noble Manhattan Coaching Americas always begins with a needs assessment in order to accurately identify the true needs of your organization when it comes to professional coaching. This differs from many other corporate coaching companies who take a more consultative or mentoring role early in the relationship. We understand that your business and the advantages and challenges your business processes are unique, so we take a project-based, individualized approach with each of our new clients.

Our Coaching For Results Program is one way to begin training and growing members of your team to begin a process of learning, development and performance improvement that can be a stepping stone to longer term, institutionalized management coaching. To truly reap the benefits of professional coaching, a cascading management coaching culture should be established from the very top down, and with buy-in from senior and junior leaders across departments, such as management and human resources. The best results will be seen across your entire workforce when what is preached is also practiced.

Enrollment process

This program is suitable for people over 30 with managerial experience or in team leading or management positions.

To apply, please send us a letter of intention and a CV. After we review your application we will contact you for an interview.

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