Chinese Language Programs


Program Description

Chinese Language Programs

School of International Education (SIE) offers professional Chinese language teaching, research and HSK training for students from all over the world. There are many different Chinese language programs for you to choose, and the schedules are flexibly arranged according to your time. You may choose the time and type of classes in accordance with your Chinese level, schedule and interest.


Long-term Chinese language programs: There are 3 levels for the long-time programs (more than 3 months): elementary, intermediate and advanced. Students will be placed in appropriate classes according to their Chinese levels. For these programs you will have a systematic study on Chinese language and culture. Students will learn the following 4 types of courses:

A. Major Language Courses:

Elementary Level (Grade 1-3): Intensive Reading, Practical Conversation, Listening Comprehension, Extensive Reading

Intermediate Level (Grade 4-5): Intensive Reading, Listening and Conversation, Practical Writing, Extensive Reading

Advanced Level (Grade 6-7): Intensive Reading, Advanced Comprehensive Chinese, Practical Writing, Extensive Reading

B. Selective Courses:

  1. HSK Training
  2. Chinese Characters
  3. Traditional Chinese Painting
  4. Taiji
  5. Martial Arts
  6. Go (game)
  7. Chinese Cooking
  8. Paper Cutting
  9. Cross-Cultural Communication
  10. Comparison between Chinese and American Literature


  1. Chinese Philosophy
  2. Chinese History
  3. Cultural Exchange between East and West
  4. Chinese Literature
  5. Traditional Chinese Operas
  6. Peking Opera
  7. Chinese Poem Appreciation

D. Fieldwork

Program-related field trips, including visits, tours, interviews, sightseeing, are to be organized once or twice each semester for long-term students.

Schedule Arrangement

18-20 teaching hours per week (each teaching hour is 45 minutes)

16 weeks per semester (15 weeks of teaching, practicing and 1 week for examinations)

Total: 270~300 hours/semester or 4 months.

Short-term Chinese language program: The short-term programs provide a flexible schedule for you to study. These programs mainly offer basic oral Chinese, tourism Chinese and knowledge about Chinese culture. The schedules are usually arranged between 2 weeks and 3 months.

  • Courses can be specially designed upon applicants’ Chinese levels and requirements.

  • 16-18 classes per week or can be adjusted based on actual situation.

  • Individual tutoring is conducted on one(teacher)to one (student) basis.

Tuition and Other Fees

  • Long-term programs: RMB 6,300/Semester
  • Short-term programs: RMB 800/Week or RMB 50/hour
  • Learning Materials: RMB 20-60

Application Time

As the long-term programs follow the university’s academic calendar, the applications should be submitted one month before the beginning of the each semester, that is, either before January or before July.

Short-term program students are accepted with no time restriction.

Application Documents

  1. HDU International students Application Form
  2. Foreigner Physical Examination Form(for students who will study more than 3 months. Download here)
  3. A photocopy (35mm*45mm)
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